posted on October 2, 2007 at 8:49 am

on the prehistoric outside
blacksky filled w/insects
a jim morrison night
naked chicks in blue swimming pools
motorbikes roar out there searching
i drink absinthe n i smoke jazz cigarettes
i stumble on a party
i fumble with the keys
we light a bonfire on the deserted beach
the sparks race upwards to the southern stars
i kick stones in the crowded empty street
i jump on a harley and race down sea street towards the horizon
the streetlights have been smashed by moths
fruit bats collecting in an upside down world
i decelerate as i interpenetrate nirvana beach liquor
accidentally off kilter
fairy bombed
now im riding a board
hanging ten like only a bleached blasted poet can
my beard nestles against my face
the wind sings through my earrings
my wispy thin hair is clinging lingeringly
i go sailing over a crest into the darkness of a deep trough
the palm trees are still nodding at me
wow i remember i got to get home
running up my steps outta head
gosh when how thats ok alright then
the music plays so nattily i guess
children in beddybyes
wife in the bath
fish in the tank
books on the shelf
knives in the draw
voices in the ether
fingers in my skull

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