posted on December 18, 2005 at 6:33 am

whats thissss my fiendssss?
poh lice men all over bondi
checkin for weapons
marchin up and down the boardwalk
and theres a heavy metal band in the pavillion
and theres hardly anyone but locals on the beachie
and its a loverly day, my little angels
albeit a little windy
big daddy ignores the warnings
takes the swedish pair
the american pair for a swim
up the northern end
thankfully without any incidents
brothers sisters
peace love
why are we fighting?
its human nature, thats why
never thought itd hit me and david lanes own private beachy
house sitting for some friends
got me own little data machine
no nassssty b packers
so sk
we wanna see what ya got to say fer yer self now
now the tourie hass been n gone
now the noise has died down
the applause has faded in yer ringin’ ears
now the whites have hit the white king
now yer basse in back in ye olde pawn shoppe (thats a little joke, kidsss)
now yer talent and charisma have been folded into their roadcases
and put on ice
ready for usa 2006
now that your callouses are softening
and yer throat is less husky
now what…..?

well, my people
thats a good question
and i thank that kind and perceptive fellow who asked it
was mah bloggy a tour only phenonomon?
now the fat lady has sung
now the partys over
is more bloggy finished too?
or does it have a life of its own
i dont wanna bore ya if ya dont wannit
give me that much credit

lets see
lets see
i aint to proud to beg
id go down on my (cyber)knees, but its no good to try
sitting up here in c and a-ms plaice
they shouldda been chords
thats another wee joke , you hyaenas
so laugh it up a little
i am a little directionless today
off to a little dinner tonite in the bondi area
oh sk, god rest ye merrye olde gentleman
let nothing you dismay

as i said i dont believe in darwinism
i havent for a long time
and everyone said i was mad
they looked at me as if i had said the sky didnae exist
or that i thought the sun went round the erf
or whatever
(insert yer own incredulous comparison here)
and now at least theres a bit of a debate
yer allowed to at least say…..hang on a minute!
any way whatever yer beliefs
(and ya know what, it doesnt have to be the two ridiculous extremes offered to us now)
its worth thinking about
where the fuck did we come from?
does this feel like an accident to you?
can you believe all this stuff got here and keeps doin’ its thing by chance?
any way
i gotta go off and get some christmas spirit
an then have it exorcised
and i gotta find some vegan sausages
and some non alcoholic whisky
and some organic speed
ah, thats all…..

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