posted on October 15, 2009 at 5:22 am

what can you say
its ineffable
people waste a million words trying to
who am i trying to define its nebulous essence
rocknroll i gave all you all the best years of my life
and most of the worst ones too
how stupid to address rocknroll as an entity
coz rocknroll is a capricious spirit who alights where it will
it cannot be pinned down
the formulae fail
god knows why one thing works for one
but it wont for anyone else
in the end
even the most erudite loquacious writer (like me) is baffled
stupider than the stupidest brute
more lofty than the highest ideal
dirty and pure
a cartoon
an idea
just like the art world
rubbish gets lauded
brilliance goes unrewarded unnoticed
the fickle audience
themselves random individuals
they buy one week
they dont buy the next
they come this year
they dont come next year
they behave like tiny fish in a big school
something spooks em and they split up and vanish
who can predict their movement….they are truly mercurial
rocknroll itself a stupid expression
old blues expression for sex
i like rock but i dont like the blues
i like rock n only rock
i am obsessed by and devoted to rock
yeah i like to rock n i like to listen to rock
i am too old to dig the new bands
they all mostly seem hopeless to me when i do hear em
with notable exceptions
they seem silly
silly as i seemed to some olde gheezer in 1981
the olde guard in aust thought i was silly
and so i was
and still am
but when you think of it
war is silly
sex is silly
drugs is silly
humanity is silly
i mean only humans are really silly
so rock is fucking silly in spades
you have ridiculous idiots with the teensiest talent lording it over us
you have boring old puddings trotting out their stodge
you have gormless pimply youth poking 5th hand in the beatles puddle
you have dance routines n showbiz aesthetic…just like vegas
keith richard once the most unsilliest is now totally silly
dylans xmas record got to be silly…i bet my whatnot on it
tori amos is silly…textbook silly i’d say…..
robert smith…aint he silly
and noddy holder…..
and trevor bolders silver sideboards
and steve kilbey wearing eye makeup
and elvis at the end…that was total silliness
and jesus babylon zoo…how silly was all that
and cyndi lauper is very silly i reckon
and rap seems slightly silly if i may say so
i mean presumably theres something good about it
but i aint ever discovered it
oh i hope i aint scared piff duddy of coverin’ utmw
and the new romantics were silliness itself
and so are all boy bands…all embarrassingly silly sods
and prog is silly
all metal is silly….the height of silliness…..grotesquely silly
i find whatsisname hetfield in full flight the epitome of silly
and emo and all the rest
terminally silly
and yet
and yet
you gotta get what you can take
every now n then
you hear something
you feel something
rock validates itself in yer life
listen to funhouse by iggy n stooges
mean lean amateurish howling rocking trash thrash
this impressed me when i was a youngster
is iggy silly?
what do you reckon
i’d like each commenter
to leave a comment:
the silliest moment in rock …so far..imho
go on
the silliest damn thing you ever saw or heard in rock
you can even include me

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