posted on February 25, 2009 at 8:26 pm

so sick of fucking booze
so tired of its stupid effects
i pour myself a big glass of lies
and i go dahn the booza
and i rabbit on with a loada bullshit
screaming in some pissed idiots ear
abaht a loada self aggrandizing tripe
bawling out my nonsense
trying to impress some sozzled ninny
or some drunken olde bag
i get red in the face
my skin coarsens
my features coarsen
my lovely olde smooth nose
becomes all bulbous n purple
my olde ticker shudders under the strain
my blurry vision becomes like underwater
my words come from a slurry place
i get confused and aggressive
so i drink some punch…oh ha ha ha
the booze reeks
its a poison after all
thats right not a drug but a poison
a little of that poison feels ok
a lot of that fucking poison n yer poisoned
booze frightens me as much as smack
smack is more addictive
but booze is more destructive
booze will fucking take you apart
booze will turn you into a fucking idiot
booze will turn you into the hoi polloi
booze is a bastard
and i fucken sussed it out
and thank god my mum n dad never drank
and now the olde being himself
sure i have a sip or nip
i enjoy one drink or maybe 2
but never 3
but never before long after dark
never unless for an occasion
i wouldnt care if i ever saw or tasted booze again
it isnt good for musicians
it makes them sloppy
like it makes one sloppy at anything
i am so fucking tired of booze running this world
people come up to me n say
oh your skin is nice for an ancient mariner
i say
baby dont drink!
think clearly for a change
smoke some fucking ganga
thats why god put it on this wunderful world
god gave us weed
god gave us cactus
god gave us mushrooms
yes god gave us wine too
but not gallons of beer n vodka and jim beam
i exhort you
all my readers
watch the booze
the booze is a slow destroyer
but shes steady as she goes
youll end up olde n ugly n spouting bilge
it dont help with creativity…its a fucking myth
have one drink
thats it
thats as good as it gets
or do you wanna get giddy n vomit
do ya wanna promise some s o b the bastard moon
do ya wanna wake up with some hag/beast and say oh ….no……!
do ya wanna blast your brain wrinkles into pickles
this stuff gonna do you over good
avoid me!

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