posted on October 30, 2008 at 7:55 pm

this world
wrong world
i been sent to the wrong world
they abandoned me here as bloody punishment
i look around…surely this aint my world
i knew it right from the start
waiting for my mother or father to tell me
“son, you done come to the wrong world”
good god
what is this…?
a penal colony for clowns
are you seriously telling me
that in all of america
the best guy the GLOPs could find was johnny mccain
if thats really true…..
in all the united states
they came up with him?
am i awake or dreaming?
has something gone wrong somehow somewhere?
where do i protest at this absurdity?
at the same time
rock band ac/dc are playin’ to 40,000 people in chicago
imagine in 1983
if someone had shown me a crystal ball
and said kilbey
thou shalt behold the future of rock in twenty five years time
and you gasp with anticipation
and briefly you imagine all the weird n wonderful things 2008 will hold
the kinda futuristic boogie them future cats will be laying down
you look deep into the ball
something begins to materialize..through the glass darkly
oh no
you shudder
you laugh bitterly
you wince
shake your head
why no….you say thru yer abject dismay
theres bin some kinda mistake…!
this aint the future…… it?
it cant be….!!!??
for there in that ball
you would see the geezer in the hat
n the geezer in the schoolboy get up
then you fucking well n truly know
you got beamed down here by mistake
and the future aint much of a future
if thats what it holds….
oh please no
no no no
it cant be true, can it?
and people still eating meat
and people still fighting wars
and people still robbing banks
and shooting people at school
and crashing cars cos theyre driving drunk
and etc etc etc
still busting potsmokers
still dealing out guns
still getting pissed n brawling in pubs
is this it?
we got the internet but we’re the same old losers
i dunno….2008….
painkiller easily the best record of the year
and i aint even heard the others…i just know it is
(enjoying robert forsters the evangelist at the moment)
no wonder the record biz is down the drain
good fucking riddance
what will all those smarmy pricks do for a crust now?
real estate..or used cars, i guess
the future seemed more futuristic in 1980
what with gary numan n the human league
(and now thank god we got vince noir)
it really seems this future was hardly worth arriving at
hardly worth waiting for
a passe future
future of materialism
future of bellicosity
future of the yob
i’m trying to hang around till 2032
when they let the public in
on the real story behind jfks assassination
a story still too shocking i guess to be told now
if they think no one around then will give a toss
then they aint counted on me
at 78
i’ll still be furious
when i find out
that we
the good guys
the straight guys
the normal white nice guys
that we
shot our own king

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