posted on December 25, 2008 at 9:08 pm

the day after christmas
nk made roast vegan chrimbo dinner
in attendance nelg
thee mr ricky
ak n ek
lil sk
warm warm night
people out n partying
see guy dancing with/ doing his girlfriend in a window
english kids at the bankomat
talking about cocaine too loud
talking about this n that
greedy killer what have you done
we party on till 6 oclock in the morning
we have a cup of coffee and sit outside
watching the moving jumping stars
we see a guy practicing these waltz steps on his own
we hear someone violently puke
we watch as all the lights go off
only when morning is touching the sky
with her rosy fingers
do we finally retire into the house
nk has her party mix on
i hear autosleeper by chapterhouse
i hear the verve
i hear grants far out corporation
we play black ryders album over n over
the black ryders (unfinished?) album
jesus…its transcendent …
nk keeps going oh this is my favourite track
and playing them over n over
the black ryder are scott von rypers band
with aimee nash of course(spelling?)
they shoegaze and implode in sweet sweet music
wow we dig this record immensely
its become a firm fave for these intoxi-nites
supplanting even the stooges
there is no higher compliment i think
than to listen to music high
this black ryder is sweet sometimes sickly sweet
its naive and knowing
its innocent and burnt out
things are submarine
theres no clarity
everything floats n wafts or is frazzled
its like an x ray of a rock band
everything appears at once
the record is impossibly “druggy”
without probably ever mentioning it
i cant really hear that much of the singing
its not necessarily necessary
of course thee mr ricky is playing on it too
jesus hes on glen bennies album too
looping and going backwards n all his usual tricks
ricky and i share an aesthetic
we understand
we love
we always using
the drone
that note which goes thru everything
painkiller 2….
scott plays some lonesome lonely slide guitar
hes a subtle kind of guy
softly spoken
a real olde fashioned gentleman
his guitaring seems to partially represent this
maymi on the other hand
a passionate arrogant bloke with conviction
his guitar playing is like that
he and scott n william get all merged up
you cant tell where one ends n the other begins
this delights el maymo
who loves getting lost in the other instruments
maymi n i
we both love stuff like
spaceman 3
straitjacket fits
bill nelson
the underground lovers
the triffids
eno n fripp
its not about your prestige on the lead guitar
its about the creation of atmosphere
thats what we do
create atmospheres
painkiller 2 is enough atmosphere to breathe
but be careful
it could make you lightheaded
we attempt to conjure up the feeling
of being out of your mind on dope n speed
or the flickering formless chaos of falling asleep
the acid explosion
the final victory of unconsciousness
rah rah rah!

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