posted on December 30, 2010 at 5:39 pm


sit at the lights its a hot fucking day

the radios all blare the mobiles all a’ringing

the future is experiencing compression

i just sit there dont i

part of the jam happy to be a part of it

all of us with our bits n pieces of paper

registrations bills receipts letters of resignation

still the sun beats down the sky is royal blue

fuck i gotta headache tho

i felt sick for a day now

my eyes swimming behind the windshield

my trigger happy feet revving the angry motor

my tanned brown arms with slightly blond hairs

my poor old mind which wont go into fourth gear

fuck its christmas isnt it

what the hell does that mean

im stuck here at the intersection of the boardwalk and neptune st

i see a woman i know crossing the road dressed in a bikini

hi steve i see her mouth through the traffic

she waves kinda sadly as i drive off

there is some kinda electrical fizz and crackle from the overhead lines

i dont remember much from certain bits of my childhood anymore

maybe ive just invented most of it anyway

the shops all having sales

please dont ask for credit as refusal may offend

something biting in and out of water

in the car next door some pretty senorita stares ahead

shes so busy shes so determined to get there

the lights change we zoom off

the background rushes by

the sea the cliffs the spectacular cemeteries

its christmas i have to remind myself

i pull into another lane and join another stream

many things flow thru my mind

the beach is packed

tanned locals and pale europeans

we wonder what drugs we will buy for new eves eve

we wonder what combinations we will try

we wonder how bad we will feel the next day

the sea must be cold i guess

i feel it vicariously through the road

the road is hot like cake

christmas cake melting in a sullen afternoon heat

christmas stretching back and back into directionless nothingness

christmases forgotten better not ever to be remembered

and thats it

the traffic stretches on n on

it doesnt matter where you going

its gonna take ages to get there

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