posted on July 30, 2009 at 6:57 pm

ejected by sleep into a crawling bed
i find myself here in some place
a soft bed full of pillows
below chimneys emit soft steam
i roll over in cloudy blankets
sinking out of sleeps seamless sea
drowned in the air of the room
a curtain half open a blue sign throbs
i stand up and walk onto the balcony
robed completely in darkness
i see the river now deepest blue
up on the thirty first floor
the thirty first floor
sirens way below
down there where reality seems to be
me my ears will ring forever
my right eye is a blur
i apprehend the world differently
you love my thin skin
it permits everything to come in
everything coming into me
i feel everything to the nth degree
cant you see thats what ails me
cant get my mansuit off and its….
i have to ride it out but
what choice do i have?
why do you still do music?
what else could i do…..?
sometimes i write about madness
no its not the madness you have seen before
my madness is not common or guarded madness
neither is it a cheap tv copy
or a chemically induced stupor
my madness is ……..
living in the afterwoods
twenty miles north of historic eden
are the afterwoods
dreamy fields and forests of tranquilities
come one come all
oh the afterwoods
oh the eastwoods
oh the soulwoods
oh the the westwoods
available now hyper real estate
stephen kilby presents 13 achers now available
the afterwoods apartments now ready for immediate
furnished unfurnished latest unhinged solar panel
with all the trimmings approx 1 millions
that lovely spot
biographically designed by experts in university tests
featuring obelisk windows and random garage access sites
including marboleum bathroom mouthpiece set
and swim/sim pool genes already implanted
lo*vac suction system preactivated on finger touch control
happy days guaranteed by rolandstorm@ afterwoods. com
eternal craft copyright MMMXXV

the dawn begins to dawn
what else can it do?
cars drive up the streets
how miserable it is to drive a car up a dawn street
huddled waiting for the heater to come on
and all the shadows are sinister fleeting fragments
nothing surprises me
we are at the centre
and the sun rises around us
we are still
i can feel it
the world does not hurtle through space willy nilly
it makes me vertiginous to think of it
i dont want to feel big or small
only norm-all
the wee small hours indeed
when sad things happen
when people part from each other
still it remains dark
i wait for the sun to come
imagine if it was my luck
that today was the day
that the sun never comes
and at midday
brisbane is still up to its neck in the murky darkness
wont that give em a shock?
the balcony is cold to my bare feet
the noises of a hundred air conditioners plant up
the buzzing droning ringing sound of today
everything purring humming whining tapping banging
a plane flies into brisbane
defying all logic
some great tinny hulk just hanging in the thin air
all lit up
and the passengers just sipping their lasts drops of tea
the arrowroot biscuits eaten up
i alone in my tower truly awake
bam bam bam
uh huh
somewhere still over the rainborough
dress rehearsal for big show
big stars
big glittering occasion
alone again

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