posted on December 17, 2006 at 11:18 pm

oh muse oh muse
here i am nevets
here i am sweet childe in time
where am where am i my muse
wil-os house little nevets in brrrs-baine
its warm n overcast little muse
aw, your favourite weather tiny nevets
kind wil-o nevets
to let nevets stay here
not nasssty hotel…ooh cold n unfeeling
oh thanks wil-o for my brekky juice
and for the water pressure
now muse i must smokemore
because my velocity has sagged
oh kind wil-o tuning nevetss guitar
no nevetss would never hurt kind wil-o …not now
snap out of this!
oh sorry muse lassa nites gig us unbalanced me
a miasma even you could not penetrate
like releasing doves into a void
our songs n our jokes ….
where did they go
nevetss like your olde dreams
where did they go?
i play for hours n hours
up there in a cold blinding spotlight
my fingers aching n longing to disengage
my throat constricted n numb
i croak out my songs like an olde crow
i play with the dexterity of a doll-fin
we drum up a little little crowd
pygmy ordients
out there some where
like eldorado
hard to pull off the trick in these lounge room conditions
its like i told em last night
theres this film of me about 16
prince valiant hairdo
my silly violin bass unplugged in
(i had no real amp my fiendss)
and im going crazy on this silent film
my fingers running over the bass
at impossible lightnin’ speed
it woulda actually sounded inaudible
except for a few thunka pop slap slap
and the faces im pulling….
every agony n the exstacy grimace n pout
as i try to play every note at once
then my father pans out
to show me standing there
in the middle of the lounge room
only my brother john about 3 or 4 at the time
standing there looking at me
as if nothing ridiculous aint happening
just par for the course stuff for those days
yes i was a tennis racket strummer
me n russell
russell had a badminton racquet…
i’d put on please please me
and do all the inbetween stage announcements
we gonna play anna
and i’d really go over the top on this song
cause i was boyishly enamoured with an anna at school
so i put a lot into my tennis racquet n mirror interpretation
im listening nevets…
this was long ago
long before i first contacted thee
oh sweet n blessed day my muse
flatter me not foolish zeitbeing
i am your muse only
and when i die darling muse
do you die with me…?
oh no hush now mortal man
a muse cannot die
i will be transformed into your new muse
when you live in the white future
already foreseen n described n mapped in mimesis
you will call me wendy
oh ha ha thats it in a nutshell
meanwhile we sitting here
at wil-os v. pleasant abode
muse i must burn willows musical branches
must keep searching for the stuff i need
to keep searching for the stuff i need
must keep fighting this fight muse
stop struggling nevets…take some timeoff
a holiday…it would be so nice…
its true muse i suspect my sanity
talking to imaginaries
seeing voices
over n above me
hey ho whos there
mrs doasyouwouldbedoneby
and timebeing lives out his days
only time separating him from the ash
all this you see
and then
the white future
the colourless time
the peacefull moment
the long white night of the tyrant
the silent city
where nothing shall ever happen
is this it then muse?
yes yes maybe
but now we must away nevets
we must train your diamond eyed gaze elsewhere
brisappointment disbane
i just think the conditions werent right
not like in melba-beyorn
it happened there
but not here
tyvarr we say in swedish
fuck em if they cant take a joke
i say mostly when i know im wrong
but afterwoods
a few say
hey it was okay

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