posted on March 1, 2015 at 10:48 am
san diego parked outside gig

san diego parked outside gig

yeah we rock n we roll

whatever the fuck that means

i spend yesterday round at greg d’s house in LA

oh man what a beautiful serene pad

cactuses and trees

how very nice and civilised in that quiet street

oh yeah i could live there very easily

a haven from the madness that is only a few minutes away

the gig at the el rey is perplexing

we have some trouble somehow

the A notes seem to go nowhere from the bass  guitar

they seem snatched away by some acoustic gremlin

a few nights before it had been the opposite

the A notes had been booming like blooming muthas

whatever i don’t know

today i am in san diego

gig looks too small for us to me

i am but a soldier in the rocknroll wars

very good attendance at el rey

and a great crowd

we nearly transcended but not quite

why was that?

its strange but i don’t know

theres still a lot of unknown variables

its hard to get it perfect

still sometimes it happens

love from kilbey here wherever the fuck i am

san diego go go

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