posted on January 15, 2008 at 7:07 am

orlrite you bloody lot
people’ve been bashing me bloody door down
people been accosting me in the street
the letters requests postcards emails telexes telegrams etc
never stop
give us steve kilbey live!
give us steve kilbey live?
give us steve kilbey live!
gw bush says gimme steve kilbey dead or live
its a veil a bull
go ahead stop reading this blogge
and order a few dozen
get em while theyre hot
forget that absolutely terrible accoustic n intimate
this is the real deal
this is the one ya want
this is the one ya need
a real vid
with camera angles lightshow special feet-chas n everything
have that credit card ready and get ready to spend
youre gonna wanna loada these babies
this is not a cheap shonky vid like a+i
which went out before i’d seen it
when i saw it i stopped it
it is not a cheap but good vid like church 1992
which i like by the way yes i do
its rocknroll
anyway this is nice visually
a few jokes
a few songs
about 19 or 20 songs or something
you see me in the bath
you see me getting arrested
you see me being assassinated
you see me being embalmed
you see the hot juicy stuff they dont want ya to see
including the famous nude fat lady bicycle pump incident
youll see sk in all his glorious opulence
aboard the nz pms yacht sniffing coke with nuns
absailing in amsterdam
white water rafting in drought stricken victoria and laughing
sit around at kilbeys table as he entertains napoleon elvis n ricki maymi
watch kilbey write under the milky way again
youll see interviews with kilbeys ancestors in dark ages england
youll see kilbey trading riffs with beethoven mozart and fiery liszt
youll be amazed….or youre a total wanker
youll be absolutely satisfied 105%
or somebody somewhere
refund you
(name and address)
thats right
nothing ventured
nothing back offer
quite frankly
i think steve kilbey live
(hmmmm whatta great name for a vid!)
i think steve kilbey live
is the bees knees
its the last word
its the nail in the coffin of the rec biz
its a show biz miracle
its delight as a round shiny disc
its cooler than liq oxygen
and hotter than summer on mercury
kilbey talks
he gives you tips on how to win millions
he explains how he got where he is now….THE TOP
he plays all his greatest hits
ju ju bang bang
hippy dribble bop song
mango womango we allgo
ungritted momentsworth
hoppy knock knock polka dot slot
ooma booma bonga bong bong
that ones by loo read ….oh i forget
he reads extracts of malt
he reads from his new book of recipes “vegan blechhh!”
he discusts his latest sandal foot bawl becks n posh n josh the pike
he implodes in slo mo and is reassembled out of kurts shank
matty d conceived directed and touched this vid
from an original idea by matty d
from an inkling by matty d
during a daydream by matty d
almost an afterthought by matty d
previously in matty d subconscious
matty d appears courtesy of matt davyddson ltd (wales div)
kurtains shank appears without any courtesy at all
paul lightfood appears curtsey of P inc
dutch pierre appears with courtesy of bondi police wanted doc
i’d like to thank new zealand film corp for the crisps
i’d like to thank my mother for the christmas pudding
i’d like to thank all the pests still continuing to bug my spam filter
i’d like to thank the ungrateful bastards who said i was washed up
jesus…you guys were right!
i’d like to shove this video up all the idiots who said i was
“a useless talented old wrinkled bore struggling to string 2 chords
together a voice like fingernails scraping on yer teeth
a face only a “mother” could love etc”
even though it was all true…
i’d like to thank rolling schtone maggyzeen
who said
“we did not review this junk
but if we did we’d probably ignore it”
hustler mag said
“unless kurt slips us a few k
or matty d stops painting all together
we think its rude!!!”
see what all the fluss is about
listen to it
watch it
love it
eat it
make love to/in/under/over/on/beside/all over it
you gotta have it
steve kilbey live
OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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