posted on July 23, 2006 at 12:09 am

wherever i was lassa night
is a distant memory
oh yeah…….
oh yeah….
itsa all coming back to me
we played a big place
it was a little empty
sometimes when this place is kinda empty
how those words haunt me at poorly attended gigs
anyway tho
we were magic
for what its worth
from my point a view anyway
patti hood played the harp like a goddess
have you grokked this yet…?
we hadda harpist playing with us
shes not here anymore
we gonna miss her
the harp n her playing lent an indescribable sheen
like fuckin’ fairydust sprinkled onto everything
dan from 91x was there
huh you fiendss out there thinka that ya true fanss?
thats a true connysware of all things chruchy
dan dan dan
if only more of those powerful execs loved the chruch
the way you did
ah well…..
itd bee so easy, baybee
its so hard to walk away
easy now
edit me gently
anyway the gig was easiest the best
a lovely venue actually
just far too big for a olde bunch in their twilit years n tears
like tonites place
a huge monolith of a gig in the middle of a desert
a hoarse with no name
miles 2 big for the cuppla hundred who are actually coming
rite now i have reid wilson
n jesuskrishna here backstage in tempe
in this mega venue where you could hide an army
my “biographer”
robby lurid turns up
hes interviewing pk
ive warned pk dont slanda me
or i’ll get even with ya online
pk dont spin yer yarns n tall tales bout me
tell the everlovin’ truth
im a good guy
arent i….
arent i?
today the weather is 120 degrees farrenhite
its hotter than syddleys 110 on new years day
we stopped in middle of desert
it was so hot
the cactii fiendss
just like in the movies
dead rivers
railway tracks
gila monsters
piles n piles of rocks
miles n miles of hazy heat
blue jagged mountains
deserted houses
everything here is surreal
scorched dry beyond belief
now ive runnoutta time
too badde
see ya tomorrow

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