posted on February 6, 2012 at 8:11 pm

another meaningless caption


you who have wandered this world and sampled its wheres

i speak only silently you may not hear me

over the pounding of the sea in its vessels

the hawkers and sideshows

the taverns by the shore full of drinkers

beautiful women……?

ah just behind the door…..yes….

i implore you to take a moment…

the sun has dazzled your eyes

these balmy climes intoxicate us

it is easy to forget and drift away

in some garden on a hill

in some cenotaph in a lonely park

in some bed in a white room the sun found sleeping

in some ceremony we act out so solemnly behind masks

in some library a living god in a dead language

in some casual conversation with a friend someone overheard

the people by the coast lead such private lives

elephant ear ferns and cool courtyards with pools

the rich merchants dreaming through life after life

the doctors and men of the law

the opulence of their appointments given

the complexity of their arrangements made

the negligence of any doubts cast are cancelled by money

masterpieces casually hung in an emptiest of rooms

instruments hum on in deserted chambers

the nurseries bursting with blooming children and crying flowers

why even the beggars disdain gold on days like these…..!

the fat of our conquests the lean of our defeats

war ravaged lands move in and out of peaces

the kingly class on remote mountainsides

in sackcloth and ashes a procession to the sea

the panels of the university depicting pagan gods

they teach heresy and mutiny and gluttony and lust

this weather is not for everybody….

perhaps some mineral water containing some refreshing salt…?

perhaps a rest in the coolness of a doorway

in the arches of morning you stand weary and small

but in the arches of evening you will loom refreshed

and gigantic….



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