posted on October 16, 2006 at 8:46 pm

cloudy cloudy morning, fiendss
up early meditating
today is scarlets 1st birthday
aurora is up nice n early
asking if scarlet can open her one present….now!?
yesterday morning a madman drove into the driveway
he screamed abuse at me
he was livid and high or jonesing from some evil drug
dont fucking look at me he screaming
im gonna kill you he screaming
nk comes out whats going on
uh honey theres a crack crazed lunatic in the driveway
screaming out blue murder….
lets just go in the house, ok?
the madman and his moll
scream down the drive into the back of the house
the lunatic jumps out
totters around awkwardly
like a man just learning to walk
then he pees all over the garbage bins
hes screaming at the woman all the time
she jumps out horror of horrors
dressed only in a grimy white towel
squats down n has a piss as well
i ring up the cops
get the cars number says copper
nk runs out n notes down numberplate
lunatic furious by now to point of comedic saturation
john cleese could have learned a thing or 2..
loony screams hes gonna come back n kill my missus now
sheesh! for takin’ down his numberplate…?
what does he do to the people he really hates?
then he throttles his car down the narrow street
in a blaze of foul blue smoke n buggered mufflersound
the whole episode took maybe 5 minutes
from woe to go
fucking ruined my entire day!
all day everytime i saw a maroon sedan
i got all jumpy
i cant get the sight of this characters ugly screaming head
out of my sensitive mind
im trying to reorient my bloggs back to early morning again
which is why this came so hot on heels of last
be nice to have a sauna today anyway….its that kinda weather,heather
scarlet wasnt very interested in opening her gift
everybody else liked her new dresses
but scarlet aint particularly fussed
one way or the other
shes rolling around and clapping her hands
i think she looks a little like a young liz taylor
(i mean, very young!)
she looks very english thats for sure
shes pretty nice too
for a baby that is
and now baby, its high time
we were gone
to the man in the maroon sedan
n the girl in the towel
n all the other crazy n loaded idiots
to the boys in the kremlin n pentagon
to the guys who cut down the forests
and the oilslick captains
stoned tank drivers listnin to megadeth
bent cops
crooked politicians
wife beaters
etc etc
thanks guys
you really made my day!

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