posted on December 7, 2010 at 5:48 pm

napoleon in rags n the language that he used


play in canberra act

thats the capital city you idiots that flunked geography

a place called tilleys

the nights start to blur in my mind

theyve all been good

on one night this song maybe better

on another night it will be another

sometimes the jokes are fresher and funnier

sometimes someones tired or uninspired

nevertheless we aquit ourselves well i think

we get called back for more

i meet lots of nice fans

young guys

young guys of 17 n 18 saying how much they like it

thats strange isnt it

i mean not really but to me it is

theres the ladies who love to ‘ave a cuddle with the killer

(cor blimey ‘ere comes reg kilbey again)

its nice to be loved

if their cameras dont work at first theyre happy to stand there with

my arm around ’em while the mechanical problem is sorted

often the husband taking the picture

i am the only geeza who gets to put his arm round blokes wives n girlfriends

and the husbands are happy about it

then its time for arm round husbands

well you know i dont enjoy that quite so much but its give n take

i got a table of some old school chums too there to see me

a lady who was once a girl i used to love from afar at high school

she never knew

at last at this ridiculous stage she got to see me play

if i impressed her it was like 42 years too late but there you go

another 2 girls i used to like at schoool

janet who is still honest with me like she always was


jenny who was the school dux and is a real lefty now

and theres rob whos now a p.e. teacher

yeah we  drive back to syd at 3 am

next day 2 shows one a matinee for family friends and music biz

a weird gig

dont like matinees (arent they like a dugong?)

family friends n music biz didnt respond like a real audience neither

never mind

a few hours later i drag my weary carcass onto stage again

the opening notes start n bingo

rocknroll pours down n fills my soul

i get the energy from somewhere but i dunno where

yeah we’re pretty good i suppose

i cant review it anymore myself

i have no perspective

i have nothing to compare it too

i guess thats all i can say for now

2morrow night central coast!

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