posted on December 22, 2010 at 8:40 pm

summer the parts

candy power lives in the night street that runs away into darkness

candy power dressed in dawn close up with the lark

candy power in a dream that i had about a motel

candy power on the boardwalk dressed like assyrian priestess no one notice

candy power bring summer bring european men with dark skin and blonde hair

candy power lying in the sand with her man who is so perfect

candy power in a convertible on neptunus street

candy power with her anti caking agent with her solid senders

candy power shes a real girl but she moves through my mind

candy power waits outside an office in the sunlight

candy power making breakfast for a stranger

candy power in a midnight hour streaming

candy power too tired to sleep too awake to hide

candy power laughing in the shadow

life is strange

love is strange

world is strange

candy is strange

talks all day long to men on a phone

at night the summer pulls her in and she sinks into heat

she lies in some night crying in a dream

she walks along alone with her crowd giggling thru her tears

i wonder wonder wonder why

now moon has gone right outta sky

summer sweet summer

enfold me then

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