posted on May 19, 2006 at 10:08 pm

morning fiendss
its the morning after the winebanq gig
yeah was pretty good i guess
some idiots talking
some philistine yuppies drinkin’ booze
and yapping loudly
beyond redemption, i left em alone…
we were pretty goode
not that youll believe me reviewing myself
my humility is famous
and im so proud of my modesty
(hello diane n therese)

we still debating the existence of god?
i love it when you got cats writing in
and quoting stuff about peptide indicators
and amino chains
yeah right
yah i really believe you understand that
and i really believe that the science of today
is the last word
and will never be changed
that unlike every other 50 years
the boffins of today have got the whole story
i guess they couldnt trap vishnu in their test tubes
so i spose thats it
although i am surrounded by planets orbitting in space
(oh the big bang did it…
we cant believe in a creator
but we’ll believe in a big bang)
although i am surrounded by the trees and birds
and aquatics and the flowers
each a part in some fantastic inter related system
everything where it should be
i will ignore my eyes and common sense
i will ignore the observations of my life
i will toe the atheist party line
cos it makes me feel smug and modern
quoting some bullshit i dont understand
and despite all that has happened to me
i got modern science
thats all i need
wont be taken in
too many nasty things happning on this earth
(all done by men exercising their FREE WILL!)
ya cant have it both ways
you want free will….ya got it
then you scream out
how did god let this happen
boys n girls you can quote yer high school chemistry to me
i know what i know
the proofs in my pudding
all my art
my songs
my words
are god affirming
they are not dry exercises in atheism and materialism
or sciencism
i have prayed to god
he has answered my prayers
very rarely
he has entered my heart
and swollen me up with his lovely magnificence
(im sure some brain surgeon out there will say
oh if we manipulate the blah blah cortex with blah blah
then we will see pseudo religious blah blah)
whatever fiendss
i dont fucking care if you cant open yer eyes
to the beauty that surrounds you
arguing with me on a computer
when if you meditated for one minute
on a simple leaf or ant or cloud
you could see the aesthetic design
the love and care
the simple elegant hand of a creator
putting all this into motion
i guess you got science on yer side
i guess youve sussed it all
i couldnt persuade ya
i dont quite understand
why youre reading my blogg
so full it is
with my olde hippy superstitious nonsense
i mean vishnu….come on
re incarnation
youve seen thru it all
intelligent design…..ha!

it was like this
there wazza big big bang
(wow that was a loud bang)
before the bang it was super concentrated matter
it all comes flying out
the sun stopped jus’ about where it is now
then mercury stopped
then venus
then the olde earthy werthy
stopped here
and started going round n round the sun
chemicals got together
and here we all are
ladies n gentlemen
life! (the musical)
yeah its all pretty plausible
cos newton was replaced by einstein replaced by hoyle
replaced by hawkings
replaced by whoever it is now
some dude in a university in california
standing at a blackboard
sussing this whole fucking thing
all other theories now outdated…
we used to believe fred jones theory
but now jim smiths is the one..
thats ok
you scientific types have straightened out
this olde dreamer
i aquiesce
it was vain of me to suggest other wise
what would i know
im just a washed up olde rocker
amusing ya online
with my olde blather n blabber
gods dead
the neuron peptides are alkoloidal binglebangs
the cosine values of black stars indicate rhubarb
i know what i know
you know what you know
vive le differance, baybee
i love ya anyway
eeven if you dont believe me or care
i love ya
may the b. bang bless us all!

coming soon
questions and answers
ask me a pertinent interesting q
i’ll try and a it for ya
one q per reader
no anonymous questions
i gotta know who asketh

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