posted on December 28, 2008 at 10:41 pm

finalization of the cut
out with the old
in with the pneumatic
torn away
more kilbey…oh no
someone watching me
envying me
cursing me
you know where i am
come on n get me
as if i dont know who you are
you think : oh it couldve been me…
no it couldnt have been you
you didnt have what it took
i didnt decide that
everybody else did
its a free market
and frankly you had no marginal utility
you never even knew me
but oh how it must have goaded you to see me rise
and still no one loved you
yes i understand the craving for love
poor you…unadored all these years
how can you bear it?
the weight of all that obscurity
and there he is
your opposite
your opposite in everything
hes reappeared
hes getting the keys to some kingdom
you stewing in your day job
i would be sad but thats what you deserved
many were called but few were chosen
you betrayed yourself
you were not where you wanted to be
i’m sure youd happily forgotten about me
and then
damn it
i was probably stuck in your face
that name going round in your brain
oh my pretty face in a magazine
kilbey says this
kilbey says that
it must have made you fume
but you had no platform
but you had no forum
but you had no listeners except a few bored cronies
theyd heard it all before
and eventually switched off
when you started your rants about me
all that pent up steam!
i wonder at what stage did you realise it was over
and mercifully give up?
i wasnt surprised the first time when it was you hassling me
and i’m not surprised now
you see
if anyone understands envy its me
everyone here knows that
loads of envy festering in my own ruination
how excited you must have been
when you finally found a platform
a platform to tell people that…..
and thats where it kind of went wrong for you
because you realised
there really wasnt much to say
youre all jumped up and ready to go
you aint got much information
you dont really know me
you cant really say anything bad about me
but you hang in there
being a mystery sniper over the years….
(pardon me, i’m yawning again)
but you just cant handle it
even after my ups and downs
if you see anyone “loving” me
it incenses you
well its obvious i suppose
you think
why dont they “love” me?
well the reason that they dont
is that youre an anonymous sniper
on someones blogs comments
and that doesnt get much adoration
unless youre really funny….nope
or cute…nope
or even in-the-know…nope
youre a bitter shadow from the past
youre a face accosting me at a mall
this is the difference between us
i went out n made starfish n jack frost n priest n etc
you did a cover version of a 2 chord new wave song
and it was a little dull n dismal
not one person ever adored you for it
let me tell you adoration isnt all its cracked up to be
its fickle
and it bites
and it hurts
and it hurts when its all gone
it wouldnt have suited you
it wasnt on the cards for you
i know it sounds cruel
but im trying to let you off the hook
the hook of your obsessive hatred
let your axe be ground
turn your sword into a ploughshare
just breathe n let it go
forget about me
go gently into that good night
youre alive…rejoice!
maybe theres still hope
let it go

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