posted on August 9, 2008 at 11:41 pm

all pics lately courtesy of nelg drofstaw

theres ganesha still with the bad cars
i eventually finished and got better cars
these ones were shockers
yesterday went to reptile park for kids day out
saw alligators crocs snakes lizards and urinating bullfrogs
i saw a load of tasmanian devils
who people say will be extinct in 15 years
given this facial sarcoma disease which 80 percent now have…
the guy running the show out there
was very very very funny
he reminded me of me in some ways
his accent was neither aust or english
and he was dark too
if you were listening
he was saying to this snake
if youre a good girl i’ll get you some guinea pigs on the way home
yeah the guy in the pet shop thinks i love guinea pigs ha ha
not melbourne stockbroker guinea pigs tho
(here he was alluding to a sydney stockbroker
who was recently arrested for having sex with and
then destroying in a vicious frenzy
fuck…and i thought i had a lotta pressure in my job…!)
and he was making gentle fun of the children:
ok parents
grab a suitable sized kid and hold them against the gaps in the fence
use them as human shields while you stand behind in safety
looking at the rattlesnake
childrens hearts are precious
thats why i have one on my desk…
anyway if yer thinking of taking the kids there
i thoroughly recommend it
but i enjoyed the guy so much more than the beasts
another snake gag
after this black headed python tried to bite him
he grabbed it and stuck it in his shirt
the stupid thing which had been bursting its pants (!?)
to bite him
now coiled around his belly under his shirt fast asleep
he stood there with this unsightly droopy bulge
“a vision of the future” he said
then he walked around like a fat ole redneck trying to adjust his gut
evie dropped one of her thongs (flip flops)in the snake compound accidently
i’ll take that home for my daughter he said
(i knew what was coming..he musta said it thousands of times)
shes only got one leg….damn….its the wrong foot

yeah well
i enjoyed him anyway
he fucking had me cracked up all day long
even when it was only me guffawing at his jokes
so much better than the snake man out at la perouse
with his schpiel and schtick
snakes are seriousthings boys and girls!
in the bat compound
we saw a bat giving himself a good ball and bat licking
as he hung upside down
his quite human looking genitalia
hanging just inches from his handy mouth
why is he doing that? asked a lady
because he can madam i replied
and i was laughing again
wow what a fun reptile park
came home
got stuck into ganesha
i’ll be playing tonite at 28 spring st bondi junction
i will be featuring the amazing guitar work of frank kearns
also known as dublin frank
and you can meet and or buy ganesha in person
bring yer chequebook sunshine
there you go
i tell thee this
oh how youve longed to hear it
ricki maymi currently on holiday in australia said
this is your best record ever!
hes been a fan since his mum played him a baby grande tape in utero
so he would know
i know youve suffered these long long months
waiting to have the pain of life being blotted out
by the sweet narcotic fix of this record
outbound : throbbing lift off
“white hippy moses like an aphid in the roses”
wolfe : a real song! over orchestrated and guitars howling
“crash his pad out in the snow”
celestial : ooh a cruisy one mellotron flutes
tims sample of a school boy choir
“ice man has melted
dice man felt it as a six”
crystalline rush : seen the picture now hear the song
“and i cant find a sign of life
but i can find my way”
song for the masking : monstrous slowdown drums from another song
the static and shortwave hisses like a scalded cat
my dual electric guitars conjure up fripp on dope
my best piece of singing ever ever ever
right at the end
i come back like a (self) righteous brother
in a deep troubled baritone
“and nobody ever
ah…but you want me to”
file under travel: graham lee goes nuts on his pedal steel
not the way you or i thought
in there with the ever pulsating bass
the glorious fucked up radiotronics
powlsey bashing all hell of his kit
this bastard song crash lands on itself halfway thru
and then mutates like a phoenix rising from the hashes
polinski had a ball on this
no lyrics
13 minutes of space rock
look homeward angel : a pretty song
about my wife
its all feverish and mixed up
thats how she makes me feel y’all
“now get up
now heat up
now rise up
rise up like a bird”
oenone : a slavish t rexy rocker
i didnt like this one so much
but with fresh ears its a little light relief
listen to tim go nuts at the end
what a drummer!
” oenone dont you cry for me
cos i come from lemuria with this banged up harm on knee”
spirit in flame : deep dubby track
wriggly bass line
“burn thru the (w)hole like a spirit in flame”
forever lasts for nothing: wolfes bookend in a way
bigger than ben hur but very short
“just like the honeymoon they wait for you to score
just like the animals they keep outside the door
just like a welcome mat you lay down on the floor
just like a law for the rich
a prison for the poor”
not what you say: everything but the kitchen cinque
big mutating thing
changes and changes
and goes out in 30 odd minutes of sound
polinski going nuts here…
:i had potential baby
what do you want me to be?”
well there you go
its coming real real soon
how soon is that?
real soon

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