posted on October 16, 2008 at 8:19 pm

scarlet virginia kilbey turns three today 17th
“i’m free” shouts the woofle this smorning
the woofle more difficult than the other 4 put together
the demanding complaining fussy little turkey
she got a pair of hi-heeled princess slippers
(jesus christ!)
and a princess plastic scooter from toys r us
old dead walt dizz-knee doing a great trade out of la woofle
who has cinderella bing bongs
sno-white blah blahs
jasmine nik naks
and ariel the mermaid coronation scales n gill set
we got princess handbags
princess tea bags
and when i play cricket i have a princess ballbag
we eat priincess flakes with princess sweetener
with princess knives n forks
and i snort princess dust when i’m feeling naught-y
i cannot wait to see la woofle riding her scooter in her hi heels
actually if i was a little girl
i’d rather have the sea-hag kit
with the pet eels and attachable hairy wart for my chin
comes with a cauldron and 10 free jinxes
not available in utah or baghdad
so much for this levity
muse ; is that what you call it?
yeah well at least i know me sammy colon from me colon muse-y
anywell where was i
yes the woofle
now 3
she knows all the words to wolfe and outbound
the doodles got a i-shuffle each for birthday
i was as pleased as punch
when outbound n wolfe from p/killer
got to go on along with pink, abba and spice grrrls
you should hear the 3 girls singing
all this stuff
wolfe cant see….ah thats no gooood
hearing aurora sneering out in her jimmy stewart way
“its really tragic how they needed the music…!”
woofle is always a word or 2 behind everyone else
because she doesnt really know the words
but she sings in tune
ive raved on here about the woofle
but shes got some starpower n charisma
shes got presence
shes no longer chubby
shes solidifying into a very solid kid
(“steve…your daughters are so….well built!!”..local quack)
shes got pale blue eyes that search your soul
often red rimmed coz the woofle loves a good cry
she loves a tantrum and has a devastating scream
shes moody and magnificent
shes hot tempered and blustery
she will be a perfect opera singer or great actress
shes just that theatrical type
shes argumentative and contradictory
shes sulky and outrageous
shes my little woofle now turning 3 after 3 long years
and shes got clout
watch this space
you aint heard the last of la woofle
not by a long shot

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