posted on July 18, 2006 at 6:06 pm

im sitting in my hotel fiendss
in the lobbie
watching wiltshire blvde go bye
in the heart of korea town
ive a hadda shower n had some refreshments
its about eleven in the morning
lassa nite i retire to cain-os lovely studio
for a nite of jamming n lo-jinks
plucking a tele bass slumped back in the the luxurious upholstery
i was in a mood for simple basic things
i made up songs with cain-o
and our drummer mr sleigh
one horse open etc
mr sleigh appeared up to the task
and he drummed artistically on n on
beyond the call of judy
ready to give a little rhythm to the most
fanciful of our whims
cain-o provided tech support n guitar
we had italian before this
i had delicious minestrone n salad
i picked up my new favourite drink
a vanilla soy chai
full o’ shuga says mr sleigh
but oh so good
so we jam until 2 30 in ye olde morning
earlier that day i did my laps in the hotel roof pool
totally empty
beautiful but slightly faded very hollywood setting
almost expect joe dallesandro to appear
i saw em all
the blowsy chicks lounging round the pool
the detached n distant hero
the head jobs
the drugs
the cars n the blvdes
the fractured dialogue
you understood
that hollywood contains unbearable excitement
crushing boredom
coexisting side by side
people sitting in doorways
low riders
people of every possible combination
weird mixtures
ragged dirty tramps who would make sydneys worst “derro”
seem like fuckin george clooney
models n acktresses of unbeleavable artificiality
muscley guys with boils on their backs (steroids?)
long red buses
mirrored n chrome buildings reflecting only each other
porsches…a dime a duzzen
celebs…thyre everywhere baybee
hey aint that keanu in the limo….?
i swam in the empty pool on the empty pool deck
the water was velvety
i swam around under water like a kid
my chest grazing the pool bottom
i stared up from the bottom at the cracking sky n billdings
l.a.s weather is gentle, a film set
the never ending traffic
the taco joints
the jewellers
the cell-fone shacks
the sevenelevens
cactii n palms
glamour n despair
the publicity lady for cooking vinyl says theres lotsa
requests for interviews with me/us
do i make a refreshing change from the monosyllabic grunters
i wonder
why do they wanna talk to me
its funny how our clout in the press
is always much bigger than our actual success justifies

im sitting here listnin’; to stay on obscured by clouds
peter n marty are disckussing whether we gonna have
such n suches when we play live on 91x in sane diego
all around the mostly korean crowd gulp down starbux n tuna sandwiches
people come in n out with suitcases
a flock of korean air pilots n hosties appear
their luggage rolls along obediently like dogs
they are all perfect n unflustered after their last flight
they check in elegantly n without fuss
n quietly disappear to their rooms
peter k reappears clutching a packet of vitamins
the tvs have people working their “abs”
and news footage of some unfortunate bastard somewhere
getting his arse blown off in some missile attack
a red balloon rises across the street
loose from its moorings it ascends into the photosphere
a metaphor for….what…?
today im gonna drive up to santa hanna barbera
im gonna rehearse with the boys
we gonna do a gig
we gonna tighten up the loose bits
we gonna slacken off the tight squeezes
sunlight filters thru the smog
maybe go up to s.b with cain-o in saab?
should wind up n go do yoga
will be back

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