posted on April 22, 2009 at 9:04 pm

got my bio in the post yessaday
nice work
i really enjoyed it
robert dean lurie has done a lovely job
and great relief
i read it all in one go yesterday
it was like a novel i couldnt put down
then this
then that
uh oh
watch out for nick…oooh..i mean niC…ward
also previously known as nigel murray
he recounts the night he got kicked out
complete with splendid tales of punching the”pommy bastard”
and ” his bitch had jumped on my back”
i threatened to “knock her out”
“i lifted my knee into his guts…i was amused at this”

hes talking about marty n lucy willson-piper here…..
later on he daydreams how hed like to thump everyone involved…
how very strange
you see
poor olde fella still thinks violence is the answer
he says in the book i had a smart mouth but nothing to back it up with…
ie i didnt like being constantly threatened by my own drummer
ie if you said hey nic(k) can you play like this….
you didnt have to back it up with with yer fists
poor old nic(k) nigel nee murray-ward
still back in lyneham high
permanently locked into some 1950s aussie mans mans world
like paul hogan having a really bad acid trip
no one will ever wonder again why he was kicked out
they will, however, wonder why he was let in….
but jesus
it had me laughing out loud
a lot of the book did
theres some funny stuff in there
you wont believe it
of course i dont actually get royalties for it myself
so this is a free advertisement
its been a long time coming down the line
and im very happy with it
it is an aspect of my story
its fun to read….believe it or not
i felt like i was reading about some other geezer
some other geezer i dreampt up when i was still in the public service
a goodlooking young guitar strumming lad
with some goodlooking pals
(some stunning pics of young pete n marty)
an interesting up n down story
so random
so stupid
so preordained
a life i was destined to lead
and nic(k) ward was right
a smart mouth that got me into trouble n ruined it for me
why didnt i just shuttup and play?
theres lotsa good bits about my nasty side
dave studdert gives a withering account of my time in “tactics”
and gee whiz…i really was a turkey wasnt i
voice in another book : you were a real fool….
the drugs….yep
the cover is really nice
the quality of the paper is a bit iffy
its that glossy cheap stuff
theres loadsa pics you probably never seen before
rob has understood the biography thing well
and hes done a pretty good job
you can imagine how i’d be railing against it if it was a stinker
he even gives me the last word
and it seems a little harsh
taken out of some context but not really
on the printed page it just seems more…errr…concrete
and final
certainly the people who preordered so long ago
will be very very happy with it
its a lot better than some ive read
also remember that my life wasnt so exciting
so its hard for my biography to be too wild…
theres some sad stuff
some really hilarious stuff
peter koppes remarks kept me in stitches
oh god
i’m glad the little redheaded bugger wrote this book
he says many many kind things about my work
he understands
he grokks it
he wrote me an email recently saying he was loving u#23
to me thats high praise indeed
after all this
i mean i consider him an expert on us now
he deserves a masters degree
and i was pleased to be the object and subject in his thesis
maybe the church’ll be selling it on church murch
go on
buy it
read it
imagine you had led that life
oh god what a story
a ha ha ha

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