posted on March 22, 2012 at 10:58 pm

the black window

golightly the caterpillar on the leaf

soar like a fish in the deep blue sea air anywhere

burnlike fire flies set the day alight or down

gnome deep under tree hammering out a song

a gold ring upon a pretty finger all along

merry old may christmas every day say dont i know you

where the gossamer web meets the shuddered leaf

where the diving bird hits the solid lake

where the reddening sun collides with the falling moon

where the serpent like roots coils upon a bad mans grave

where the sharpened thorns catch the virgins flesh

scarlet drop of blood upon a snow drifted mirror surface lagoon

a blue crane it was so long ago it flew alongside the embittered road

do you remember a flightless winger entered your lens unrefracted

the wee shadow man who lurks under flowery beds

the sprite delighting in tormented rose cheeked babes

the wicked child who pulls the wings off bats

the goblin freaked fuck witch with no breeches

the mescaline and feminine agendas of our vegetal friends

io ao io i adore thee pan i adore thee excelon my queen

in tir na nog i stayed awhile yes sneer you knaves t’is the truest thing

in tir na nog a lovely maiden met me at the edge of this plane

quickly fine sir ere this portal close says she sweeter than i can suppose

and as i crossed into that mysterious wood

why all my old life lost to me all gone existing in just memory

for i tarried longer than my tomorrows should have allowed

yes you can laugh you minions of machines and crooked queens

in tir na nog where wonders interpenetrating our mundanity

in tir na nog where zebras and peacocks wander

see our saviour with his jaguar see our saviour in the amazon

see our king of faery dressed in finest mail

riding a purple and vermilion dragonfly he broke in himself

holding his sceptre of razored jet inset with tiny pearls

but he clipped the wings of his slaves

and he fed his enemy kings to a toad

yes this world is not the only world

your time is not the only time

a day will dream you will all seem strange and funny

because everything we knew and did was somehow wrong

yes you can grin you jackals and monkey men

but the time of magic will come again


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