posted on January 24, 2006 at 10:38 pm

god morgon
how are you?
here, its a warm drizzly day
the walls between the worlds
wear thin
and in places
the holes are obvious
memories and ghosts come unbidden
in the warm dark spaces
in still rooms
in the paintings hanging down
in the mirrors
today everyones on their own
the newspapers are blank page
after blank page
the tvs are muted
the screens flicker soothing pattern
alone in this rain world
my memories fill up
they overflow
i remember days like this
1959 infants school
the rain outside
the smell of banana-y lunchboxes
the bush outside rustling and dripping
the wide eyed wonder of the children
to be here again
magic realism
deep in my cocoon
the years find me
winkle me out
but i wanted to stay there
a little longer
come say the ghosts
we are your audiences
you can tell us everything
im driving thru a tunnel
im in a band
the tunnel seems to be going on forever
the band is having a sleepy argument
i drive on
becoming hypnotised
by the walls which rush pass uniformly
there is no other traffic
in here
the guy in the middle awakes
with a start
he tries to wrestle the wheel from me
he was having a dream that I’d fallen asleep
at the wheel
we get to the gig eventually
my instrument curves away from me
even as i try to play
i meet some people outside
nice show man
you wanna come back to our place
i climb in their house
they seem so vaguely familiar
do you know who we are steve?
they say
no, not really, i mean…
we are the people in yer songs
oh yeah the sunburnt landlord
the guy from an interlude
some rainforest girls
a roman
florian trout
elli, eve and aurora
the glow worm
2 or 3 marias maybe
you can imagine
and others step forward
friends i didnt have
the people i never married
children who very well could have been mine
steve what can we get you?
i wander thru the party
in this rainyday house
somewhere on the edge
or conjunction
or warp in the fabric of my life
its all coming back to me
we sat around laughing and drinking
i look at my watch
that i never wear
cos i cant stand time
its time to go
the door is closing
the chance has passed
the cupboard is empty
ah, its all so unlikely
already a silver sun is pushing thru
melting ghosts
dissolving memory
re-stabilising reality
reestablishing ordinariness
comforting warm ordinariness
sometimes im so glad to see you
sometimes im so glad you stayed
i gotta go now
gotta wander thru the streets
gotta keep on looking for you
even though i know you are here
i told ya yesterday
if you wanna be with me
you gotta embrace paradox
dutch pierre can….
why cant you?

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