posted on June 19, 2006 at 8:21 pm

very goode n early morning to ya fiendssss
im up nice n early
eating manuka honey
like liquid sunlight
coursing thru my veins on this cold wintry siddley morning
i just keep spoonin’ this sweet powerful stuff
in ye olde gob
it tastes bloody wunderfull
i bought a thirty dollar jar
an’ i’m nearly half way thru it
its ambrosia itself
its gonna make you vibrate faster n faster kidds
pure energy
like those cans of STP you stick in yer petrol tank
this honey makes yer system burn faster n brighter
all food is sunlight in another form
(even disgustin dead meat…in a degraded hard to use form)
yer stomach has to produce heat to break down the food
release the energy/sunlight
some foods like wheatgrass n this manuka honey
they hit yer system n explode in light
hardly any processing to be done
just straight mainline light
other stuff takes longer n more work
i heard of a lady who cured her cancer with a grape juice fast
i told ya that already
you see
when the pressure was off her resources
ie: she wasnt loading her stomach down with loads of
hard to process junk
her system was freeed up to take care of the nasty stuff
like deleting rubbish from yer computer
so you got more memory for other things
(a dodgy analogy, i guesss)
i dunno
you eat a piece of meat
it takes days to be broken down…if at all…
all the time rotting inside ya
taking so much heat n effort n acids n juices
to try n get the energy out
but this honey
you got it rite away
i beg ye
dont eat meat
its death warmed up
youll nae vibrate in tune with the uni-verse
itll make ya sick n fat n olde
if we all refused to eat the corpses
this whole planet would be free of so much misery
its truly disgustin’
like slavery
and war
and torture
things needlessly dying in shame n agony
things that are connected to us
things that will poison your brain with their dead chemicals n karma
meat is murder fiendss
thou shalt not kill
try it
trust me…

anyway while im having a ranty-rave
on the plane home
i see some truly disgustin’ useless pathetic tv shows
while im tryin to while away the long hours
normally dont have much time for the idiot box
sucking out my will n intelligence
got better things to do…
like thinkin and imagin’ things for myself
theres this one show comes on
oh god it reviles me..
consisting of a “panel of fashion experts”
and a bunch of silly women
desperate to be models or actresses or just anything
…as long as it involved being famous for half a second
these unfortunate imbeciles are given 4 minutes
chucked into a room full of clothes n makeup
(how sk fucking LOATHES makeup!!)
and then one by one
they strut their sad desperate stuff in fronta the ex-spurts
2 of whom are so obviously fucking gay
i mean
why the fuck are gay blokes advising women
on how they should look n dress
or am i the only one who sees the sheer absurdity in that????
its so ridiculous….what the fuck would they know?
and they werent no oil paintings themselves, lemme put ya straight
and the words theyre using …sexy…sleazy…
lisping idiot cliches “im not feeling your sexiness…”
the women on the “panel” all ugly sick hollywood types
shallow cliche spouting bags
judging these poor fools who so wanna desperately be judged
i feel so sorry for em
now sk is no feminist…
but holy bejesus
aint anyone out there opposing this ….
people, yer beautiful as you are
you dont need this crap
god i was fuming in my aisle seat
then donald trump
and his “yer fired”
more desperate yuppie uber “straights”
scramblin’ fer a piece of the action
whatever you say donald, you big fuckin kingpin
you captain of industry
(boy i’d love to get up close to see how his hair “works”
just like gene simmons..its comin from every which way)
how could any self respecting person run around
at this olde fuckers beck n call beats me
oh please donald make me yer apprentice
im greedy and disloyal n desperate n avaricious
jus’ like you
i dont have decent bone in my body
an’ i wanna get to the top of the corporate dungheap
any thing
please dont lemme hear those words
i’d say its definitely a no-trumps call fiendss
(thats a little bridge gag for ya)

its like ancient rome before its collapse
a sick fat population worshipping actors
involved in a hundred lil wars no one had the stomach for
a ruling elite with no love or compassion for the poor
and all around
mean n hungry enemies gatherin’
focussin’ in on the soft white underbelly
are we jus’ gonna stand here quietly
and let them dish this shit up to us?
what good is it to gain the world
and lose yer soul
i dont want my daughters to think they gotta be
sexy or sleazy
i just want them to be who they wanna be
without some ugly old bag or fag tellin em
to put more make up on
or lose weight
or shave their legs
or whatever
the panel themselves were the least “sexy” crew
(whatever “sexy” means, i dunno)
why wood ya listen to them?
i tell ya people
be yerselves
find yer own beauty inner and outer
and ladies
believe me
i’m a man
i know a lotta other men
we dinnae like loads of make up or emaciated women
we dinnae care about paris fashion catwalks versace bullshit
we like happy healthy women who think fer themselves

i dunno
who have i upset today?
probably someone right now
burning their copy of my records
are we really gonna let the world turn into this?
is that all we are, us humans
flat abs, tit implanted botoxed madeup success seeking travesties
chasing some luxury condo
with wall to wall tv screens n and a microwaved sausage?

count me out then fiendss
i like my people au naturelle
happy, healthy and in tune with the spirit
say fuck you to the “reality” shows
laugh as ya switch off the idiot box
and pick up yer book
or ya paintbrushes
or as ya start a conversation up
you know….gulp…talking to yer lover or family or friends or whatever
go out for a walk
look at the stars in the sky
learn spanish
i dunno
but that screen suckin away yer will and yer time
do ya need it
hell no!!
im sk
im leavin’ ya to it
manuka honey rules

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