posted on June 12, 2007 at 5:51 am

no this damn blogge is not a chore
dear disciple
how could you
of all people question me..
was it so much better when i wrote in the morning….?
i wonder
strange days for beeing
my mother was without power n phone cos of the storm
people have lost their lives
broken glass n bits of trees everywhere
the ritziest hotel here in bondi
smells like a sewer
imagine if you was just arriving for yer honeymoon…
nk n i had our honeymoon in a nice hotel
with champagne and chocolate strawberries
we went out n had mexican food most nights
im sorry but i never get sick of guacomole
it was july and we swam in the atlantic out front of the hotel
we went to the amusement arcade known as funland
we felt sorry for the parrot in the cage in the foyer
what a shame for poor polly…
the weak afternoon sun gives its final burst
a blaze of glory
im listening to slowdive demos on shuffle
im dressed in black from head to foot
my beard is long and needs another trim
my suntan is starting to fade ever so slightly
im doing a lotta painting
i love to paint quite frankly
its one of my fave things to do
i can finally lose myself
which i long to do
oh i long to lose myself
and painting turns off the switch
have you tried painting
you out there
if yer stressed
buy a little paint set n some paper
have a go
it doesnt matter if its good or bad
its the process
put some music on
if you indulge in herbal relaxation
or a glass of red
or nothing
go on
what ya got to lose
it may do the trick
you got that big olde sheet of white paper
my art steering committee sent me four sizes of white paper
the paper itself is a trip
youll feel like a real pro peeling yer sheet outta the block
careful gooseball…dont rip the corners
and dont cut yerself on the paper
ooooh that smarts
now now now
stick it up on yer eisel
or down on the table
oh look at all that potential
you could do anything you like
why dont you?
go on
anything you like
break the rules
follow the guidelines
be picasso or turner or van go go
or naive or pointillist or futurist
or be yerself
can you carve out a new identity here
i wassa lucky in a way
i wasnt influenced by any artists
i was influenced by plenty of musicians
but no artists
i mean i admire em n stuff
but now when i paint
im a free man
i dont know what im doing
i dont know how to do it
and im not trying to be like anyone else
at least i got that
but my latest lot of paintings have got vibration
they have movement
which is what i want
want my paintings to move of their own accord
want them to have the effect my songs have
wanna hit it onna visual as well as aural level
yes im a fucking overachiever stretching my meagre talent thin
but what the hell
it keeps me off the streets
so start painting
or colouring
or drawing
or anything
invite girls up to see your etchings
if it works for ya
just get on with it
no more procrastination
art now

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