posted on January 6, 2009 at 7:53 pm

suddenly today i wake up changed
i crawl out of my car apace
i wash all these songs from my hands
i labour away at the notes that cling
i lift flute phrases away with tweezers
i am a man
everything is s’posed to be all laid on for me
i walk outside and survey my kingdom
my sword is dressed to the hilt
i cut all attachments
my tongue is on a roll
my hands finger each other
my calves wander never lost
my eyes that hear visions
my mighty heart that pounds in its cage
my hardness that reinforces each delicacy
my whispering thoughts that think themselves
god i’m good
good god, i’m……
i’m good, god
good, i’m god
i sift thru it all so you dont have to
my mind is awake
on darkest nights
computing our position
aligning our strange stars
documenting limbos chaos
apprehending crimes henchwomen
pressing the pills of muchlove
i got a dozen buckets of pseud
i got customers stretching around the blogk
i got people ringing me up from antares
“i just bumped into mick, he tells me you know where to score”
i’m into everything
but at the right moment
i’m right back out again
nothings gonna change my world
still i expect no small reward
i’m the kinda person that takes everything you had
and says well whats for dessert?
nothing can keep up
because i move at the speed of melancholy
(einstein computed this to be $49.95)
i dream what others take as reality
for lucifers sake there is no other
now i’m old
i’m a proper sage n everything
dressed in saffron garb age 54
i dispense my advice
arizona take off yer indian shoes
indiana wants me lord i cant go back there
the lights all went out in massachusetts
nothing would be finer than to be in carolina
oh oh alabama can i see you and shake your hand?
texas thats where i wanna be down in texas
californian wine tastes fine
staring down a forty five in west virginny
in the cold kentucky rain
kentucky woman she gets to know ya
she gets to show ya…..
in the meanest time
in n.bondi it is overcaste
my skin develops an allergy to itself
i swim n i sauna n i chat to the locals
the old diggers playing gin rummy
the iron man ivans n the muscle marys
the tourists who wander in our fair boroughs
the weirdos n dispossessed n repossessed
i plough up n down my lane
cursing the johnny come latelys
who dont have the balls to swim in winter
(isnt there a joke in there somewhere)
i swim swim swim swimmy swimmy swim
i listen to my breath bubble in n out
my breath starts to lock into a pattern
my limbs still heavy from xmas xcess
my brain thinks over old times
i overtake n am overtaken
somedays i glide through turquoise heavens
somedays i fight through a saline grey sludge
sometimes i am alone in a lonely pool
othertimes the swimmers jostle n derail
i sit in the sauna watching the surfers weaving dissolving patterns
i walk home pumped up on endorphins…
its a hard fix to get
but its worth the trubble…
colour of the day
blue coming out of grey
sound of the age
a dead lark in a cage
film i’d go n see
a film of tears n a cuppa tea
i am yet to conker the world of ballet
stay untuned
steve xxx

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