posted on December 24, 2006 at 7:32 pm

i cant believe the kids arent awake yet
its that big kahuna of all days
when kids get loadsa stuff
they dont really know the reason
and who cares anyway
if yer pair-ants give ya 500 bucks werth of toys
yer not gonna hang round and ask why why why?
at least i knew the story of baby jesus….
i wasnt sure what that had to do with my new battery powered tank
but at least i could draw some tenuous connexion
i start to try to tell story at our chrismas eve (n aurora) dinner
i start tellin em about ole king herod
how he wansta kill all the boys to get the right one
elli interrupts
no daddy thats pharoah n moses
no elli this was jesus n herod
no daddy was pharaoh n moses in the bullrushes
bullrushes? bullshit!
im talkin bout fucking king herod
you know
johhny the bapp-tist
the 3 wise guys
i start reading my gideons bible that i nicked from a hotel to em
after a couple of lo n beholds
and a few it came to pass
the kids have totally lost any interest in our saviour
seems that all the kerfuffle surrounding his “birthday”
has totally obscured whatever message he had for them
you mean im sposed to be interested in some dead guy
who may have been called something else
who wasnt actually born today
who may have never existed…?
cant we just play with yonder toyz?
santa claus
why santa?
shouldnt it be san claus as in san francisco
not santa as in santa maria
is santa are friggin tranny?
and all those elves……
are elves christian?
im confused…..
isnt everyone?
uh oh
the doodles are now up
creeping around with wide open eyes
trying to get all the sleepers interested
now theyre hanging round our “tree”
but our tree never been in no forest…..
its metl n paper
can we start our pressie giving before twillies get up….?
n twillies never get up before about 12
ooh clash of agendas
twillies reckon shoulda been last night for pressies anyway
the euro way
no but we have to do it first thing chrissie day
so kiddiwinks have broken or bored with all stuff by noon
its a rainy day here too
thats unaustralian…..bad whether at chrismis
whoever hoid of such a thing
ok im gonna go now
will be back later for xmas re-cap
santa killer

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