posted on June 18, 2010 at 4:50 am

a friend of little girls and their grandmothers
i roam these gloomy woods
in my wolfsuit
growling and howling
oh heel you dirty dog
fur all flecked with grey
always hungry
in these forests of saxony and prussia
my long yellow-white teeth same colour as moon
my black eyes which shine no light
devouring pilgrims in a single bite
my rough tongue which licks you raw
my lupine mind outside the door
as still as this i hide
under your bed
its 1215
how i love your bones
loose in the convent
salivating and waiting
hunted for my pelt
i melt into the snow
i feel no cold
padding silently away
to feast another day
come good doctor
i bet you taste so nice
and woodcutters
your axes blunt
i dont think
i move
i jump with a mighty leap on the back of the slowest sheep
and i creep towards you in your sleep
my poor paws with their bastard claws
my tongue so long and red
amongst the pines amongst the weeds
dribble as the young knight bleeds
no trap could hold me
my jaws clamp shut
oh little princess in this dark place
gaze with horror
‘pon my face
your friars your priests your men-at-arms
your saviour on the cross
your bishops in aachen
your kings at mass
your mother says her parrot prayers
your brothers rushing down the stairs
he’ll have my guts on this he swears
i know a little cave you could get warm
i’ll take you there…no i insist…look its really no trouble..
please follow me
the evening close is falling down so swiftly
and i’m starving
i’m ravenous
i’m as empty as all hell
i need to feed
you need to rest
i know whats best
you’d do as well…
in my dingly dell

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