posted on December 24, 2007 at 1:02 am

further thoughts on fremantle
when we arrived
there was a tight cordon of security
they wouldnt let us in the grounds
peter was coming the raw prawn with some big dumb sec guy
peter points at me
see him , hes a living legend
if he has to walk in, the crowd will rip him apart
the sec guy sticks his big head in to look at me
gee he thinks he sure dont look like a living legend
after a lot of argy bargy we are getting no where
look mate says sec guy
i been told no more cars
we’re fucking entertainers says pete
good says the guy now park somewhere else
in the compound a slim bald headed guy appears
hes dressed in a gold shirt and has a bunch of laminates
round his neck
is that the promoter says peter
it must be i say though i no idea why
i jump out and past sec guy
i walk up to the guy in gold shirt
im in the church i say
uh huh says the gold shirted one
they wont let us in i say
really? says goldman
well can we come in? i ask
he appraises the situation
yeah come in
he waves our car on
and the sec guy fades away
peter drives triumphantly through the gate
the guy in gold shirt walks off
wow hes got some clout here
an hour later the 1st band the smoking somethings go on
the guy in the gold shirt is the bass player
but isnt that the promoter i ask someone else
him? no! hes the bass player in that group. much laughter….
you see folks, its that easy
thats all it takes
to get in to a big gig
a bit of luck n a bit of nerve

i noticed that the divs played the 1st song
for a long long while
before lady christine joined them
in fact
the intro went round and round and round
it wasnt picking up any momentum either
eventually the singing started up
she was unaware the band was starting up
and was otherwise engaged
you see
all that organisation
and then no one tells the star shes on

in perth i buy nk some bath bombs for christmas
i buy myself a disposal shirt and some stupid iron on patches
my fuck you you fucking fuck patch
is not the hit i had expected it to be
i peruse books
i see pleasure n pain chrissys book
i stand there n peruse it
lotsa intimate details in there
what a voyeur i feel reading this stuff….
all about charlie and mark m etc
i almost buy it
when i see ronnie woods book
imaginatively called
the arch diamond geezer
jack the fucking lad incarnate
instantly lovable madcap groover
smoking fags
snorting coke
free basing
drinking like a fish
look at him on the cover
nearly sixty
his amazing rockstar hair
long after keiths went thin and frizzy
ronnies rooster do is black as ever
perhaps the ultimate in old school rockstar hair
the missing link between keith n rod
talk about heavy weight names to drop
dylan this
clapton that
barbra streisand tony curtis
every blues legend still above ground
and of course
the ever present keith
the blue print for every guitarist ever
from izzy straddlin’ and joe perry
and one million others
wild guntoting smackshooting drinking smoking keith
and i tell ya
he is a great musician
his writing style is not that great tho
its a bit superficial
he talks about being locked in bathrooms
for weeks on end
freebasing cocaine
as if its all a bit of a giggle
maybe it is
when yer a rolling stone
and ya can give one to pms wives
and get outta jail free
and maybe it dont matter if you spend 70, 000 on coke
in a couple of weeks
when the dough rolls in like woodys must
or of course
rod and ronnie dressed up like doctors
doing gynaecological examinations of groopies
mmmm not sure how pc that is, actually ronnie
woody laughs it all off
hes just a very lucky geezer having a bit of fun
anyway its a pretty enveloping read
and i three quarters finished it on way home from purf

took kids for swimmy
blah blah
scarlet scared of me
when she wakes up and sees me here this morning
boo hoo daddy shes crying
she needs nk to bolster her confidence
i got wicked game and science fiction stuck in my head
which im thoroughly tired of by now
thats it
seasons gleetings!

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