posted on December 24, 2010 at 7:01 pm

madman across the water

well i am the timebeing

its 7.28 pm and its about 22 degrees centigrade

i sit at my kitchen table

i drift from my mansuit

and i float thru the skies of my beloved town

somewhere my feet are cold

somewhere my hair turns grey

somewhere my eyesight so dim and furry

who  am i who am i who am i

i still dont know i say merry christmas

i wish you all yuletide cheer

christmas is for small children

i was one once you know oh yes

i walked home from school on the last day

my mother and i did the tree

decorations from the old country with unfamiliar evocative smells

i was so small you see

i was just a boy giving it all away

christmas came n went tho i willed it to stay

i begged it to last forever

it was like a dream everything gone soft and glowing

i was half in england oh i loved the carols

christmas cards with geezas in top hats n carriages in the snow

fogged up windows n merry gentlemen all over the place

pine trees and sleighs and women with huge dresses n elaborate hats

oh they believed in jesus they believed in merriment alright

‘andsome fellas from 1856 squiring the ladies to church

or to the elephant n castle

yeah christmas spirit fill me with mixed (up) emotions

i feel lonely i feel pressured i feel released i feel silent night approach

round yon virgin mother n child reunion of the snake eyes on a pair of dice

while shepherds watched their flocks by night

and the three wise guys dressed like groucho marx

and the angel of the lord

can you possibly dig how magnificent this cat is

blond haired piercing blue eyes

at once both man n woman

those powerful beating wings as white as santa snow

straight outta heaven with some important gig

a saviour this time no less to proclaim

even the beasts getting in on the scene

the oxen all dewy eyed after ploughing the field

they grok the baby j and the can feel it even through their wooly heads

oh man let us adore him

prince of peace yeah

whats wrong with that?

walking on the sea of galilee

i seem to digress

christmas eve all around me tho i cant feel it

i will skype my kids i hope to talk

they are happy in sweden getting christmas in spades

aurora has written a formidable play

eve remains happy and bouncy

scarlet is learning swedish rapidly

meanwhile i plod away at my doom

wendy the w.w. says ha ha youve lost control

i do an interview with my brother rusty for a doco

i can just rave on n on at the drop of a hat

didnt you notice?

christmas eve is soft n gentle in sydney

living is easy for some i must not complain

i’m still behind in many ways

behind my mask

well i’m looking n i see whoever you want

changeable fixed rate

same old same old

but now completely different

different christmas same cake

old box but new present

same present different future

the myrrh n the frankincense n the gold

the elves and the rain dear

satan claws coming down the chimbley

may all your christmases be time being christmases

good yules you fools

go for it with my blessings

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