posted on July 27, 2007 at 2:27 pm

mediocre sadly
me n them
confused n confusing
killer lacks focus
killer what do you want?
killer concentrate
guitar goes outta tune
loss of momentum
then every now n then
a supercharged killer breaks thru the miasma
go killer go
oh im glad i wrote that
cos it has been going down well
they like that one
that one was laid on me whole
as a complete vision…
thats rare for me…
underwhelming springs to mind
another struggle with myself
my spontaneity was not really happening
self depracation
man im keeping it real for ya
this is how it was
straight from the mangey horses mouth
straight from the one trick olde pony
you cant believe yer heros done 2 badde gigs in a row?
believe it and weep then
cos its true
the technical problems
i just had my guitar refurbished….!
my brand new tuner not working
a battery connexion problem
why lord why?
i am only good in context
i am only good subjectively not objectively
you have to understand before you really like
and thats a strange thing
you have to try
you have to give me your goodwill
you do and i can work against it
cc audience strangely non commital
yeah hes ok
and i was ok
it was ok
they were ok
if you think an ok nights ok then ok
i know from the chirch that you can have very good nights
i know my gig
im a team player
i need the drums n stuff
im not generating it enough on my own
dont say no no no
listen to me try to figure out whats going wrong
there are problems
no setlist
no schtick
no continuity
no singlemindedness of purpose
too much detachment
too much gee whizz sorry folks baloney
too much stopping n starting malarkey
etc etc etc
look its all over 2morrow night
what does it matter
i wont ever really master this particular thing
marty does this well tho
but i dont
it wasnt how i started
i started with bands
i aint no minstrel
im a rocker
thats what i really do

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