posted on January 1, 2016 at 11:47 pm


resurgence of influence

paradox within its own flux

i author of my own release

within the tentacled sea replete with its odysseus

within the feathered air falling nowhere

within the cities of eastern potentates i gurgle the plonk

within a ladys quarters mortifying the flesh wound with salve

within the glade in forest spring you said some god had promised us everything

within terminal five of a foreign airport i hold court in the lift

yeah drink a cup of kindness yet baby yeti its another year in the future

my childhood oh it has flown by i thought it should last much longer

the rising sun that was in my dreams now set in grey warm evenings

i struggle with the words like a titan in a deep dungeon

chiselling poetry on the zeitgeists psyche with syringe full of forget

my day job as night porter at the morning markets on tuesday afternoons

Monet wont buy you everything but damn close by Vermeer

i stumble through your museum a philistine damaging your little crowns

i jumble up your one thousand names and i say them all just for fun

i am a barbarian let loose upon a memory

my world of remorse off course in an unknown galaxy

i strap on my axe turn my back on an enemy

this is the house where the king will be born

this is the time as if arrows could sing

this is the time in intelligence we gleaned

suddenly though

youve had enough






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