posted on March 21, 2013 at 5:24 pm
read shift

read shift


today i listened to the church at the opera house

itll be coming out soon

its pretty fucking good

i didnt think we could capture it but there it is

everybody is playing a blinder

never heard peter play more explosively yet incisively

the band sound like a real band

the only ever problem is my voice

but even that is mainly (mainly) in tune

sometimes i dont get everything right

you can hear me lose my way a few times

exhaustion had set in by this stage

but i fought valiantly on even tho i was knackered beyond belief

the orchestra sounds incredible

words fail me

what a catalogue what a sound what a performance

theres a lot going on over 24 odd songs

fuck its good

i never thought a live album for us was right

till i heard this

accomplished yet still rocking

rough and smooth at the same time

maybe our definitive document

great cross section of stuff too

great to see so many songs from U23

i wish you all had it right now!

soon they tell me soon…and dvd too…..


but there

we can play live

we had 80 odd people all playing at once

its huge

much bigger than ben hur and twice as rockin’!

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