posted on March 7, 2012 at 5:28 pm

fiery messenger

after we pay our money

we wander through the dim darkness to our seats

some music plays or is it machinery behind the walls

we sit back in silence

at first nothing

then a cavalcade of aromas

burning paper

disinfectant in schools

banana lunchbox on wet day

smell of pears soap

smell of mums christmas decorations from england

inside dads car old spice and tobacco and cold leather

chlorine in summer on the breeze

acne cream takes you back 40 years in one second

smell of the lolly shop on a warm day

smell of egg and chips

smell of custard and gooseberry tart

smell of old burnt toast smell of cornflakes

smell of long gone toothpastes

smell of brylcream and california poppy

smell of ancient suntan oils like skol…..

smell of beer smell of the pub

smell of perfume we’ve not smelt for 30 years

smell of fireworks

petrol and engines

the sea the salt the rotting weed the rock pools

smell of nauseous morning and cavalier night

the rabbits hutch

the cheap motel room

the kitchen round your friends

and then it ends slowly

the theatre fills with sweet incense

the light comes up

and we wander out again

stunned and lost in sudden found memory

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