posted on March 26, 2008 at 8:21 pm

autumn pinches my hands n feet n nose
joyce knitted me a nose warmer once
its a nice nose but it gets cold easy
my feet are like blocks of ice n it aint even cold yet really
ive had acupuncture n massage
ive done ryans shoulder movements
i do yoga everyday of course
but my arms n shoulder hate to type
my desk is in a mess
a veritable explosion of receipts n cds n dvds
books on art
pastel applicators
tins of v
bottles of fiji
you’ll see it when you buy my dvd
“get stoned and paint”
gouache n pastel painting for kil-beginners
the killer gets out his eisel
my 3 year old kid could do better than that
you call that art….?
stick to music please, steve…
my friend nelg
has been coming round
filming me in action
why he even captured the lost family portrait
that took me so long
that disappeared in fed exs clumsy mitts
youll see my messy room where i blogge n paint
i rented a little garage out the back here
to be my “studio”
but its cold and it leaks
its dirty n dusty n damp
its dark n dank
and now its filled up with bags of clothes
and bags of cds
bicycles and suitcases etc
youd only wanna be out there on the warmest summer night
n then the mozzies ‘d getcha or the ants…
in sydney theres always something biting at ya
some little ant or mite bit my big toe th’other nite
while i was painting
it itched n itched
i couldnt even figure out where the itch was coming from…
i coulda ripped my toe off it was so insistent…
so get stoned n paint
its hopefully coming soon
nelg is doing a good job
and some nice stills
there will be some impressive extra features
did you guys know im having an exhibition in ohio in june
why ohio ?
well we added up the place with my most fans
and we got johnny groucho garratt
we got nick “science” fiction
and we got eekie beekie kiabgoa
(who doesnt really count seeing shes organizing it)
so ok 3 fans…its a headstart
i mean nick n johnny gonna buy a few big pieces aint they
nick n johnny gonna load up on prints cards n dvds etc
hey you texans…jump in the car n get yerselves there
hey you l.a. types…ohio is beautiful in summer
(it is too….strangely old and sad though)
anyway i went out to tims yesterday
and worked on new church record
picked up my copy of shriek
its really good…..
tonight im playing the vanguard
and i hope you come on down if you live in syd
and i hope the spirit possesses me a bit at least
my march royalties came in and theyre very disappointing
getting hard to see how ends will meet
if things go on like this
i owe a bit of tax and theyre gonna put the squeeze on soon
everything is delayed or running slow
the record biz is collapsing
and hippy renaissance men arent in such big demand
im doing some more private functions
and im doing some other things too
i keep thinking about an article my olde friend brian smith sent
about how you need one thousand true fans
you get your 1000 true fans (or fiendss….)
you get em to pay ya 100 bucks a year
and you
relieved of financial burden
can concentrate on yer art
of course the 100 k aint all gravy
you gotta pay recording costs n equipment costs
you gotta manufacture n send out the stuff you do
(let me say right here n now in case some of you groaning
that those among you who made those large donations
are already included if this was to be…so relax!)
you would be patrons and you would get exclusivity
we would be in bizness together
we would finalize our arrangement
and i would guarantee a certain number of things each year
eg say…3 cds and 2 dvds and a book…im just guessing here
and however else the arrangement develops
it would be a mutual growing thing…i would hope
its weird to be even thinking about it
but apparently its becoming a new way of doing things
this is only in daydream stage at the moment
i gotta figure out a better way to exploit myself
in the wings i have waiting the compleat kilbey lyric book
the jack frost u.s. tour dvd
and a few other goodies
painkiller n kilbey/kennedy
(martin kennedy appearing with me in melbo!)
artistically things look good
financially theyre bleak
unless just-in timbre-ache records utmw
or somethin’……

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