posted on September 25, 2006 at 8:53 pm

garbage day
6.56 a.m.
cloudy cool day
cosmic jokers plays quietly in the corner
feet feel cold n milesaway
a bamboo plant moves softly in the breeze
man of troubles
man of many small niggly worries
that scurry from sight
avoiding the light
preferring the night…
ears ringin’ like reverb chambers
clock like metronome
60 beats per minute
a quiet insistent rim-shot
tickin’ my life away
bit by bit
second on second
the streets are quiet
i imagine the horror
of heaving myself outta bed
pulling on my suit
and exiting quietly……for work!
thank you lord
i do not have to “work”
but i cant work
i dont work
and i dont do work
work aint working for me
if ya dont work it
it wont work
so work it yer worth it
i can only concentrate on things i like
then im a daemon
but study, work, decisions
everyone knows im useless
i’m the guy sprouting songs
but cant change a light year
im the guy who could knock out some bullshit onna blogge
but doesnt know how to download a mp fucking 3 fyle
i only just yessaday discovered shuffle on my eyepodd
dont go camping with me…
well, you werent planning to
its for certain we’d be eaten by bears
or busted by rangers
or maybe vicey versa
i am anathema to organization(s)
i’m a perpetual scruff
im casual all year round
if ya see me in a suit ya know its serious
i wish it was like that
for all those like me who are uninclined to work
the beasts n the birds dont work
and theyre all getting by
eating, having sex, roamin’ about
look at humans
struggling away in fluoro lit office-jails
just to get what the beasts get for free
if you dismantled the milly-terry
you could just pay us bohemians n hippies
to stay at home n goof off
not clog up ye olde werk faucet
not waste the “straights” time
trying to process us
you see
there are people who wanna work….
(yes, its true!)
people like me shouldnt stand in their way
i retired myself for their sakes
so they didnt have ta fit a starshaped peg
into their squaare hole…
everybodies different
i know that
viva la difference
i just want em to let my people go
but my people still get paid
the leisure society
sure sure the “straights” can have all the beemers n gold
as far as im fuckin’ concerned
just pay us ‘orrible ‘ippies to stay ‘ome if we want
itd be better for everyone
youd apply to the govvyment for a hippy licence
thered be an interview
are you a pothead?
do you like kraut,space or cosmic rock?
have you ever at anytime worn paisley or floral?
do you consider strawberry fields forever says it all?
do you ever read “eastern” stuff?
do you like trees?
do you hate huntin’ and the fuckin’ footy?
do you disdain killed food and corpseburgers?
do you hate caked on makeup n perf-fume?
do you enjoy poetry?
do you enjoy kids books still?
do you love yonder oceans n lakes n rivers?
do you wish things could be more peaceful?
do you disdain yobbos gettin’ in yer face in pubs?
do you ever wish for a bit more understanding?
do you think bushy n the rest are pathetic?
do you ever look at the idiots in charge down here
and say what the f…….?
if you answered yes to more than 3 of those quezzies
you may be eligible for the hippy benefit payment
which means you stay home
we give ya 50 grand a year
you do whatever the hell you like
as long as you promise
not to ever darken the work-faucets doorstep again
you see now that every army on earth has been sacked
and all the weapons melted down for playgrounds
and all the money redistributed to the bohemians
theres been a big boom in the art supplies sector
and in instrument shops
the florists are doing well
as well as the veggie cafes
the beaches are full of bathers
the countrys full of picnickers
the libraries are full of readers
everyone is happy forever n ever
ah men

urr…time to wake up now nevets
you old youtopian daydreemah
it’ll never work!

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