posted on March 17, 2010 at 9:21 am

busy signal
the ancient world beckons
kings were kings
life was cheap
egypt stagnated out there in her deserts
the nile crocodiles while away the time
mummified remains
chariots of silk she rode
thoth ammon like a falcon machined head
ra ra ra
the poor widowed isis
the thief in the market
the fault in the material
the brambles in the bullrushes
white hippy moses
white powder of gold
the whiteman in me shudders
you little english bastard
still the vast expanses
still the watery tracts
a sect lived in these caves
their cats were fierce half domesticated things
artificial light candles mirrors
i speared a man and my spear was caught in his ribs
i drowned in my own blood
we worshippers before the prophet
the cult of aphrodite ravaged by disease
the dawn walkers the street magicians
cock of the north circumcised by rome
a real harlot striding through the stelar
fucked by persia
buggered in assyria
the survivors wandering in the fertile triangle
cohabiting with an angelic species
i smear butter on the sacrifices beautiful body
alexandria in spring yes i would recommend it
sir your carriage has arrived at the southern oases
lady your jackal has absconded with the victuals
master your solar system has blinded my eyes
the drums beat on
the flesh hits flesh
heave copulate conquer retreat scream die
a man from nineveh is here with the necessary items
admit him at once and silence or your tongue will be cut out
lewd scenes inside the temple
the great statue of osiris has crashed into the moon
the priests women eat the fruit of this earths loins
yet remain unrepentant
the brick pit
the grinding wheel
the stinking mud
pharaoh saunters about mincing like his queen never titty
job says fuck all this…is ‘e ‘aving a laugh?
robin hood says i am an anachronism in this story
kilbey/ hemingway in black n white down in florida
dolphins herald the proud beaked ships
great blue haired earth shaker appears from the briny depths
zeus brother son of a tighten
the underworld oh grim no hope dont die
so many wars
so many plagues
so many tiny details we could not check
the symbol of the fish
who will remember the mysteries except me and west wood
who will speak our dead language to the living god
who will nail us up like notices cracking in the sun
i come to pillage
i come to rape
i come to despoil
i come to consume
bring up the bloody elephants from the rear
let the archers loose the arrow
let the swords drink our enemies courage
let the grape be purple and the wine be dark
let the women be shapely and the men be strong
bring medicines if you have them
bring tablets from the mountains
bring girls from the cities
bring the future down on our heads
toppled in the dust
no more visitors
no more sound

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