posted on November 10, 2010 at 8:11 pm

afternoon of a fawn

the delightful night delivers

cocktail wait a while tuxedo poet

the shambles the preambles

naked air transmits chemical messages

the storm my god hesitates

white lightning black empty stockings

old photographs

in my room where sleep is waiting

in my room so full of  darkness

the raindrops are fuller than ever

the windows rattle rattle in the wind and shook shaking

i lie in a bed with no sheets

something sticks into my shoulder

my other shoulder older brother to the first

the rain contained in black black cloud

by midnights grace i cross the floor into the poor place

my head aches my eyes hurt

my  throat is tight

i lie upright

in tonight

moon in pinkish light


my friends say daddy youre a fool to cry


it makes me wonder why

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