posted on January 20, 2008 at 9:17 pm

yessaday morning
me n evie go to pharmacist
he says
i can sell ya whatever ya want
but nothing gonna help yer throat
so you should just shut up all day
(i have paraphrased him a little)
family has lovely swim at bondi
natalie swimming like a dolphin
evie like an otter
aurora wades around
the woofle eventually gets in n she loves it
we all eat sno cones on the boardwalk
nk= grape
ek =red raspberry
lil sk =red raspberry
ak=fairy floss
big sk = bubblegum + pineapple
hey says evie …howcome you get 2 flavours, dad?
me: cos i bloody well paid for em!
meanwhile the woofle does the “nakey” dance at the showers
olde ladies fainting with pleasure
as the chubby little woofle bounces around sans clothes
family stops in to organic cafe
owner says sorry
no food for you….ive run out!
me n nk swear we’ll never go there again…
we go instead to a lovely jewish joint
where we have felafels n chips
all the time
i no talky talky
everyone has advice
whisper says pharmacist
dont whisper says jlk who comes to babysit
dont drink says some
conjac or red wine say others
finally we get to gig
nk comes backstage for a while
talk to ricky
mick harvey etc
finally after much anticipation
i hit the stage
i do my songs with much gusto n little voice
yes i channelled dave mccomb
and many triffids people
including his big brother john
yes yes the passion
you had the passion
then encore
i come on n do field of glass
ten minute doors-y epic
i go fucking nuts
you AINT never seen me like this
i channel mccomb , morrison n any other bloke
going nuts on a stage
i finish in a pool of sweat n shredded (wheat) voice
the normally restrained marty casey gives me a hug
jill n graham say well done
alsy n rob like it
ive made it
julian n james the triffs #1 fans give blessings
nk comes backstage
i told ya darlin’ you aint never seen me sing like that
a conversation ensues
in which nk says something like
she wants to take me home and “discuss” my performance
all the way home in cab she holds my hand
and giggles
looking at me all starry-eyed
ok i gotta do more gigs like this i think
get home doodles n woofle all safely asleep
and then nk …..

and then i wake up today
1st day of new church album
hard to change gears
onward n upward

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