posted on November 23, 2013 at 4:58 pm
red november

red november














working on the new album

in botany nsw

strange mixture of old new in botany

warm humid rainy days thunder rumbling

down the end of a small street in a warehouse

a great big studio

there we write and record our new album

the church is an idea

an ideal

a type of music to make

a mixture a combination

the idea almost has such solidity it could be franchised

in the end its the music

i am committed to making this kind of music

this kind of music i began writing oh so long ago

inspired by my heroes and other outside things

i formed an idea which i have developed on my own and then with others

a certain kind of lyrics

a certain kind of feeling

i was able to pinpoint and exclude what i didnt like from my band

after all these years there is that identifiable sound

there are those qualities you like : intelligence originality tradition

yes the eternal pull between originality and tradition

we turn the chord progressions on their head but it still has to rock, right..?

do weird things with the lyrics but dont lose meaning!

rock but dont rock in a dumb way

if it must be dumb than be dumber than anyone else

yet dont be clever for clevers sake too often

our new record is coming along nicely

you will like it

we are mining the rich vein of past and future

we aim for some impossible excellence

further deeper

we are making headway

further deeper

questioning our assumptions

trying to get to somewhere upstream

we go over each aspect of the songs

the time, the tempo, the key, the notes within each chord

the length of the bars

the role of each drum

the plethora of bass choices at every turn

the melody the harmony

the intensity

the length

a million other things

the machinery of rock music

these parameters we manipulate

our sonic experiments are reaping lovely rewards

further deeper



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