posted on March 5, 2011 at 6:14 pm

muse inc impropriety unlimited

either you got it

but i dunno

maybe you can work on it

maybe theres a billion ins a trillion ways

maybe theres a hundred thousand lives you will lead

think of all those days

wheres it all coming from

all of it….?

all that stuff on the shelves of shops

all those words on the blind poets lips

all the electricity

all the plasma

all the music never running out

i am insane i am sane i am tuned in to an other frequency

i voyage thru my sadness madness

memories fill my billowing melancholy

i see bird phantoms in the clouds

after a while an invisible hand guides me

i had crossed some line

a bermuda triangulated inside my head

i go all the way back you know

like we all do

never was a time we did not all live

i have been ripped from other times clawing to hang on

i have died and woken up a century before my birth

and i take it all in on somehow

this life came provided with my muse who lives in my head

sometimes i try to get a good look at her

yes its a she you know because i hear her voice

the words that come to you now

or say on priest = aura

dictated in some foreign glyph

my muse is ancient baby

sometimes she say think of it yourself you lazy bastard

othertime after we have been close for a while she let me have it

right between the eyes

its so fucking obvious

right between the eyes

creativity everybody got their own way

everybody must do this for themselves or be nothing

this is holy profane brilliant stupid new old

a real comi-tragedy a blockbusting flop

use your hurt

transform your joy

dive deep

skim the shallows

one at a time

all at once

what would i know…?

trust me i’m an expert…..!

revere saraswati

even if she is non existent it cant hurt

i walked around with a picture of her in my pocket

i took it out n i thought about how i wanted to excel

to glorify god

to get a big pat on the back

to soothe beasts

to pull chicks

to impress some prick  in some stupid bar

to continue on to soldier on for art n show biz

because i was hooked on the applause

and i needed the cash

and i liked making people feel good too

it turned me on to turn people on

suddenly my band improves all the time

our conditions have been somehow most favourable

we hung in there

everything flows nicely

we attract like attracts like

its all a fluke

you’ll get your turn

work hard

slack off

jack off

crack up

break thru

shake up

its all valid

its all a game

all of it

take it seriously just the right amount

have a fucking laugh at yourself

have a good cry for me

drowning in girls in my own house

hanging on to a kitten

struggling to get one thing done

fumbling with the keys

at the door to eternity


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