posted on February 10, 2010 at 11:23 am

my parents wanted a child so they named me beast
i slunk through the neon jungle
some toothy king i was with no crown
as the sly fox jumped the wine dark sea
i sacrificed other mens children
i gotta big in with some immortal bint
and i hid inside (the) horse
how i got my scars
wounded in love
wounded in hatred
some big shot trying to take me down (down, down)
yeah i can quote from the bible
still jesus has not touched me
except once in rozelle
when he was drinking with jim and lindy morrison
and then one day i overheard a man singing a song
it went like this..dum dum de de dum dum dum de
or was he singing dumb deii dumb deii
tho it has no further relevance
and thats how i came to be here
at marc and cleos sipping retsina
been pining for it
still there is the question of nineveh
nobody knows much about it
except that it was an extremely naughty town
well it was coz i was there
not like sod’em n gomorrah
where the citizens were trying to fuck angels
now thats bound to piss yer god off
but nineveh had no visits from the hebrew angels
we were just you know
1 cruel
2 proud
3 bloodthirsty
4 idolaters
5 all of the above
i myself was not that bad
a little vain maybe
a little lascivious perhaps
tho cherubim were not on my menu
until they do a computer keyboard
with the nineveh glyphs
then i wont be able to prove it
by telling you some easy to learn phrases
you might need to know in nineveh
such as
give way to chariots
bill posters will be executed
do you have amorite slaves for sale here?
which way is the temple of set?
do you speak babylonian? yes?
this dagger is not worth 3 pieces of silver!
good morning mr xarion…hows the concubine…?
etc etc
i am eternally indebted to old jonah who put us on the map
nineveh had its good sides if you knew who to ask
of course we ended up desolated
an empty downtown
full of pelicans and porcupines
and animals starting with p
the temple harlots dressed in red
bright red
their robes were dyed with the blood of rare alligators
and fixed with the feverish tears of infatuation
the soldiers dressed in black
implying death and destruction and not showing
too many marks
i mean robes get dirty fighting bedouins and sacking cities
and where to give things a good wash in the desert
nonetheless i am the ancient marinated
pickled n in a pickle
a picked a peck off a peacocks fevvers
the seven deadly sins
lateness rudeness silliness naivete stinginess sluttiness bullying
the seven deadly spice girls
sporty naughty posh dock baby-dopey sneezy n ginger
the seven suits in some decks of cards
hearts diamonds tridents arrows clubs bloods spades
the seven cardinal colours
maroon pink orangey-green brown puce mauve n ginger
the seven wonders of the world
the statue of the time being in sydney harbour
the hanging gardens of vaucluse
the great chicken of kiev
the pyramid of avon
the furfle of groon
the bewlay brothers tea rooms in dublin
mr n mrs fred dunballs sea breeze motel in wollongong south
still i am not convinced
2012 is approaching
everything we thought we knew is turning out to be
a bit of a fib
dont say i didnae warn you
i’m not gonna squabble with anyone anymore
i got my deckchair on the titanic and i aint moving
(down to the bed with a shining glass sound)
my band plays on
we played on
on into fulltime
over n above all penalties n sundries n such
no wonder i’m a con fused
con glomerate

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