posted on September 27, 2007 at 3:38 am

come round the corner
i see a fleur de lis
formed by 2 lizards biting a third lizard
on either side just below the head
this 12 legged monster enjoined in the rites of spring
can go vertical or horizontal
it seems not to matter much
up and down the suncaked orange baked bricks
the lizards all flip around
trying to get on top of the others
sometimes other lizards appear
their heads popping up from the grass
and outta the bricks
their sleek brown bodies glint in the sun
i pick up on the lizards wavelength
they are not at all afraid of me
they say
they can intuit goodwill
however they fear my clumsiness
im standing very still then i communicate
good say the lizards all together
suddenly i’m aware of the reptilian rustle
the lizard airwavelengths are valve bouncing out
like sparks in the static
like a field of electric and aromatic information
like the fine tuning of a microscope
like the individual markings n tiny perfect scales
the deep beauty in the lizards eye
betrayed by their violent congress
is there no romance?
i think-ask them
no none says one
unless its loving on the face of a wall
the sunlight warming your cold blood up and up
the light penetrating your scales
filling your head with a dazzling boiling colour
red expoding slowly into purple blue
as you become warmer you become faster
taking advantage of the velocity of the light
the chatter in the field multiplies
we apprehend messages
we perceive subtle changes in conditions
as the sunlight intensifies
as it beats down on our absorbing hides
yes as we drink in the sun
and our veins fill with its fire
we are dragons in all but size
filled with fiery anger and desire
filled with springs imprecations
filled with lusts angles and slips
we bite into each other
and remain
with jaws clamped tight
until dislodged by night

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