posted on November 17, 2008 at 7:25 pm

my ears ring on n on
my cilia vibrate uselessly
like a million switched on television sets
my eyesight dimmer n dimmer
my judgement….it was always dodgy
my memories swirl n distort n change
aurora kilbey gets up n greets me twice
she forgot to say goodmorning dad yesterday
so today she walks in once with a smile n a kiss
second time with a frown n a kiss (representing yesterday)
aurora kilbey has the complexion i envy
tanned olive skin n blonde hair n brown eyes
you dont find any kilbeys like that except her
she looks like a cross between ursula andress n a
palomino rabbit
she is the most unusual kid i got
baby scarlet is the spitting image of elli
she also looks like mimi her cuzzin
and juicy joycie the octagenerian nanna
aurora looks more exotic
nk has some “red indian” blood
does this account for ak’s dark looks
and her somewhat melancholy gentle wisdom
thank god her night terrors have passed
i used to get that stuff
realer than real
i also used to get this optical slip
late at night especially
when everything would slide up close
then it would all slide away
recede into the distance
wow that trip used to freak me out
my mum ‘d put me straight to bed n it would pass
i used to hear voices too
and my own world was as solid as…..
my ears are ringin’ like a bitch
40 years of rockin’ n rollin’
what a stupid bastard i am
and i asked em to turn down all the way along
they all told me
you dont understand electric guitars!
ha ha!
because i didnt wanna go deaf
i didnt understand their guitars…..
go fuckin figger
gee tho…i wish i understood….
well my ears must really not understand
besides what others started
ive helped to continue
by blasting myself with walkmens discmens n ipods
the louder the ringing
the louder i play the racket to get over it!
hey brien c
i hear that jeff beck does the same thing ie
hes so tired of the ringing he drowns it out in headphones
its like stabbing your leg to staunch the blood
i’m gonna need a hearing aid before too long
deaf from too much music
thats a joke n its not funny anymore
the doodles have tiny little pods
i warn em n i warn em
top 5 songs on auroras ipod
1 outbound
2 i’m a believer
3 we will rock you
4 brickhouse (by the commodores)
5 tell me what you want (spice girls)

top 5 songs on eves pod
1 girls just wanna have fun
2tell me what you want
3 outbound
4 holiday (green day)
5 american life (madonna)

girls, did daddy make you say outbound?
both : no!
ok, aurora why do like that song?
A: oh i dont know but i like it
E: um i like the radio noise…
cool…i aint arguing with that….

they also got wolfe on high rotation
hmmm..maybe i could blow the wriggles off the kiddie charts
maybe the kids want spacerock instead of that insipid bullshit
maybe the kids want short-wave angels n white noise cream pie
maybe the kids want stream of unconsciousness
maybe kids wanna plug into the sk grid
maybe the kids are waiting for ricky maymi n simon polinski
maybe the kids want the simulated feeling of waitlessness
can you imagine a mass outbreak of little renaissance people
(where are all the renaissance women anyway?)
can you imagine learning rimbaud n studying the primitives
can you imagine doing advanced bass guitar n 1st year ambiguity
yes i’m ready to tutor yer kids
the whole package
i’ll send em home whistling van gogh n painting like shakespeare
it’ll cost ya a fortune but yer kids ‘ll be argumentative snobs
unable to ever get a real job
n all puffed up on some bullshit art malarkey
just like the rreal me

can anyone out there tell me why my laptop cant get gmail?
when i tell it to go to gmail
it gets caught in an endless flip flop between two pages
that never come up
i’m sorry i aint been on gmail and
this is why….
i would like to say thank you to ALL my subscribers
you are making me possible with your generosity
especially in these hard thymes
the recession…its like self fulfilling prophesy
its like a filigree diamond filched from a ring

yeah you see i’m doing some gigs with the triffs
at the whineries
opening for olde lenny cohen
who i think is slightly over rated
but hes very cool n grande
just not as amazing as they all say he is
sorry…its only my opinion
everyone else thinks hes the bees knees
n hes written some great songs
i just dont worship or adore him
its all a bit samey i reckon
n sorry
i read some of his books which i dont rate at all
who cares?
if i ever get to meet him
i’ll probably supplicate n fawn all over the olde geezer
such is life!
such is fame!
such is me!

a lovely sunny but cool day has dawned in n bondi
tibor still sits in the yard
but he needs to be towed away n mercifully put down
have many dark clouds on my horizon which i hope
will all just blow over
feeling troubled
bring on tuesday!

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