posted on August 23, 2011 at 11:13 pm

marble skin turn human

beyond silver distance

entangled in the futures delerious network

the roots and tendrils of events come choking our life

oh my photosynthetic spirit which pulls in light and exhales love

my dark devil who lives in the earth deep in its fiery guts

from my mother i inherited this

from my father i inherited that

from an endless web of ancestors a random list of proclivities

from an incredible intake of impressions

i am a camera that films everything

i am a sensitive device recording unknown emotion

i am a  single point giving off my incessant transmission

a random poem generator

i sweep away the leaves of the unconscious

i collect debris found in our minds and i assemble patterns

from old words and conversations i refashion anew imaginary things

i mingle our dreams freely and with fingers of thought i shape music

my voice is an actor who speaks in your ear

my voice says you are living inside of this song

and a door opens up and youre walking on through

and the guitars seem to be saying something to you

oh….there….you can see this place you have been set down

and you must like it because you want to return over and over

i made that little door for you and i suggested that adventure

but that world was yours amigo

i am the architect of that dream

i move thru this world a bohemian trample

but every now and then some powerful man will genuflect to me a mere nobody

and his companions do say how is it that you hold yon minstrel in such regard

and he says ah but he is given me a door into a private world

there where a man may find rest i listen and am transported

you see this important task has fallen to me

i am staggering under the weight of this responsibility

i fight tooth and nail for all will dilute it or dispute it or loot it

the being of light and the dark devil duking it out in a room in my brain

the extreme twin opposites of good and evil act like a motor firing in my mind

the electricity in me is charged and refreshed

and the chemical intercourse between the synapses is rich and fruitful

some magical editor appears sorting it all out

a panel of guests assembles offering suggestions i can hear them so clearly

my muse so elusive yet generous even in her own absence

my mind is a trap catching all nature of things

this stuff i regurgitate comes like a telex on a reel

i bring it to you fresh from the sea of possibility


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