posted on October 1, 2008 at 2:14 am

we needed the money
for start up costs for next u.s. tour
why us?
the ceo of promotions loves us
have we sold out?
yes and available for more

well i kinda hadda good time
the band played tight n hard
it wasnt my fave selection but….
we had certain obligations
we played
as we finished the first song
i thought we sounded real good
but the audience hardly clapped at all
and didnt for rest of the night
we were broadcasting unto the void
of course the odd bloke or sheila here or there enjoyed it
but most of em ignored it or whatever….
kept on schmoozin’ n boozin’
(ooh they had some nice cocktails there ! )
yeah there were those searchlights
and coppers divertin’ the traffic
i ate hummous n avocado n pitta bread
i drank water n jaeger n red bull n cocktails
i hadda spliff behind a faux petrol tanker
look we were really good but the crowd were not an audience
we didnt have the necessary mojo to transform em
we were just a noisy bloody rock group
megan gale said she liked us when briefly introduced
she is beautiful i guess and seemed lovably dopey
me n nk were snapped by a photographer…will we be in goss section?
the event was drowning in alcohol
and groaning under hors d’oeuvres
nothing spectacular happened
we were very good
the crowd were not there to listen to us
thats for sure
the people who hired us were well satisfied
i pissed off with nk as soon as gig over
they had hired us a hotel room with all thrown in
up in kings cross
with a lovely courtyard off the room
overlooking eastern subs
we had a lovely night
today say goodbye to church
a little sad
but i’ll manage
kids on school holidays wanna be taken out
and i
with hardly any sleep or food for a while
feeling like a hollow man
and charlie turned up!
it was loverly weather
our room was so nice
all the people were tres pleasant
im not complaining
neither should you….

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