posted on March 2, 2007 at 12:57 am

oh thats just the name of l’otel, mes amis
im sittin in the foyer
on this hopeless clunky keyboard
i mean it makes my lappy look like a straddleavarious
is that from jurassic park?
and ive doine yoga
and i blown a bone
can you dig that jazz jive you muggles
oh oh oh
the muse is pawing stuff into my poor pores
which are pouring
the skin of this world is so fragile
it amazes me we so rarely pierce its veneer
its just a slight adjustment…
ahhh there you go
you see
the phoney baloney looks a bit different from here
any what way
lost knight wee plaid
in mulbernes fair square
yeah yeah were you there there there
theyre there baby butter ware were you
do ya lika rocka roll everyday till eternity
sweet peddle steal
like lonesome whistles blowin’
clicketty clack coming back
with them blues in the night
or prairies open up
and i step onto the screen as a pioneer
and we’re stretched out across those sad old tv shows
that made me nervous when i was a kid
evil perhaps no longer
graham lee
played with us
oh i want him n patti hood all the time
i wanta pedal steel n harp
like delicate tic toc and honey sliding around
oh to be sent by sweet sweet music like that
that is my
that is my
that is my desire to ceate this sound for you
oh god let me let me let me
type type type
clicketty clack
them blues comin back
in the night

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