posted on January 20, 2015 at 11:31 pm
azimuth velocities

azimuth velocities

hazy azure pool in evening garden

we dip below the surface far down there thinking

impressions of other summers

come rushing into ending

chlorine nighted cloak

power of invisibility

the slam of the wave you caught goodbye

motels courtyards with statues of the david you said

the palms are almost royal said somebody else

in a fish n chip shop standing in the queue

a former mermaid before myrrh made her see

she saw our land before we set foot on this shore

the pavilion like an colonial indian palace

history on the ocean that laps rocks into sand

the crabs run into green crevices waving their claws

the windows of houses you have never entered

amidst the debris a fortune never claimed

among all that wreckage one thing to remember

i started to say it yet then i forgot

one thing to take with you

but it fell by some wayside

in a chasm one day i’ll stumble upon it

i’m sure



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