posted on September 14, 2007 at 5:39 am

hadda loverly burfday etc
elli n minna come to dinner
pastizzzis n salad n birthday cake
drink ruby riccadonna from silver rimmed goblets
today im walkin down my street
a guy i know in cafe game
comes out
oh you should try buzzz
a legal high sold in happy highs newtown
its made from chocolate n honey n bitter orange n saffron
n a few other things
how can that get you high i ask
its like you know how you get a little warm glow
from a chocolate bar he says
yeah i say
he says this is like eating 50 bars of chocolate
somehow intensified into a focussed wallop
i get home
i say come on we’re going to newtown
so we arrive over there
nk buys a new dress
tonite we’re seeing t.amos at the oprah house, sydney austraylia
thats right
weve had our tickets fer munths
personally im not that over excited
tho i must admit last time she was pretty good
a bit to gurlie for me
at the core of it
i do not feel included in her songs
they are sorta about n for women in essence
i admire her talent immensely
while conceding she also owes a huge debt to k.bush
no kate no tori
kate was the 1st in my book
margo smith was the 2nd
her first album is as good as tori in most parts
and it pre-dated her too
we’ll be watching tori do her thing
apparently she wears a lotta wigs
i cant wait
ooooh wig changes
apparently to play the characters on her record
can you imagine the church all changing their wiggies
for each song
and having our makeup touched up too
im sure t.amos will be brilliant as per usual
shes an amazing pianist
i’ll be test driving buzzz for you
and giving you my verdict tomorrow
thats a day in the life of ttb
my day equals your ear
a minute beside you
and its gone
like this song

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